Thursday, May 30, 2013

My First Week in the MTC

Family! I am sorry I am writing late... they changed our p-day on us! we write on thursday now! I love the mtc, but it is called the CCM! sorry if my grammer, spelling, and words are weird... a spanish keyboard is different than english. I love it here! the food is kinda strange. they try to make american food with... not american stuff. so we had this strange lasagna last night with crackers in it... and potatoes with ketchup stirred in.. they taste pretty good though, so no complaints. My companion is awesome. we are very different, but we have found similarities in the strangest things. he loves the big bang theory, the colts, etc. he is more focused on people than rules, so that has been difficult, but we are working together to fix the problems we have. my district is awesome! most of us are from idaho or utah, but we have a missionary from New York, whose dad was in the 85 floor of the WTC on september 11th. He on a mormon message about it. A lot of people here went to BYU with me, and most recognize me from the big screen at the Marriott Center. To bad I cant dance here! I think the experience here is different than the provo mtc. we only have about 93 missionaries, and about a third are native speakers. they leave next tuesday, and then we will get another set of them on thursday. I love the natives, they are all trying to learn english, and are not good at it. They sound funny, but I am sure they think the same of us. My spanish is getting alot better, but it couldnt of gotten worse. I am not a patient person, so I get mad at myself for not knowing it all yet.. I shouldnt be, I have only been here for a week. I know that it will get better. the president here said that I should pray for understanding of the language. he said that it wont be made easier, but it will be made faster. I have been praying for it since. If you would pray for me as well, I would appreciate it. Our classes are only in spanish, so I am being forced to learn somethings. It is so hard! I am slowing starting to remember words, and I can understand most questions now. I am not very good. One of the things we do here is teach a fake investigator. Ours is named Jaqueline, and she is very hard. haha the lessons have to be in spanish, so i am practically just reading preach my gopsel to her! It is wierd to think that one day, hopefully, I will be teaching in spanish without worry.

Elder Cook, of the 12, came and spoke to us yesterday. We got to shake his hand and say hello. It was a great experience. He spoke about D&C 31. He said that we are part of the greatest movement of teaching of the gospel the world has ever known. I can see how that would be. everyone is serving! I love it! he told us that just like in verse 7, we need to build up the church. we can do this by doing more than just baptism, we can reactivate, we can build up wards by teaching and instructing the leaders on how to lead, and by being committed to the wards we are assigned to. He told us that we need to teach the inactive members that Joesph Smith is more than just a 14 year old boy, he was a prophet of god, the prophet of the restoration, and that though his work, we now have the full gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth! I thought that was so amazing! He also said that our investigators will lean on our faith, but it is more important that they build their own faith. We can help them build their faith though our commitments we extend. We need to always been devoted to getting them to have faith in Christ, because faith is the key to success. More faith= more success. I am grateful to be on this mission. It has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life, but it was also a week where i came closer to my savior. I know that if I have faith in him, I can learn the language, and teach the people about the gospel. I know that this church is true! I love you all, and know this is difficult for you too. keep praying, and reading your scriptures. Always remember your savior, and that you arent alone. I Love you!

Giv´n them heaven- Elder Chelson
p.s. forward this to the rest of the family for me!

Oh yeah, and my latino roommates were looking at my family pictures. They asked how old all of my sisters were.. and I believe their exact words were "ustedes bonita"! THey are beautiful! I love you all!

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