Monday, November 25, 2013

Something a little bit different

SO... I thought I would change things up a bit!! Ready for this...
1. My testimony, but only a little bit of it! (I don’t have two years to write this) I know that God loves me. I am literally his son, and he knows my heart and my desires. He is so powerful, but he is so caring that he listens to my prayers. I know that he listens to each and every one of our prayers. He wants to hear our thoughts, and wants us to talk to him. What a blessing that we can pray. There is a saying that we pray to talk to God, and we read the scriptures so that he can talk to us. I know that the scriptures are really important for this reason! I know that in our church we have true scriptures that are the word of god. Sometimes we overlook the bible, which has so much good for us! I am reading right now in Matthew, and I find so much love of charts. He always helps and loves an example for us! I know that the book of Mormon is the most correct book in the world! It is a gift from god for us all! It has teachings for our days. It says in the book that the writings are for the future generations. We are the future generation. I know that Nephi wrote about his testimony to help me. I know that Mormon put together the plates with these teachings to
help me. I know that king Benjamin was talking to his people, but also to us. I know that we can be strengthening with these words! I am so glad that I have my family! Mom and dad are my favorite people in the world. My heroes. I have a father is worthy to give me a priesthood blessing, something that is not very common in our world. He is my teacher, and my example, I will be like him in the future. My mom is
my favorite person in the world. She so loves for me, and always wants the best for her kids, and sacrifices tons! I know that my siblings are a blessing for me too! They are my best friends, and I learn from them tons! I want to live with them forever, and I know that I can thanks to the priesthood that is restored in our church. I know that this is all true! I am now at one hour. But I love you all! This is just a little of my testimony! I am grateful for you all, and love your prayers and support! May we be worthy always to live with
god! I love you, and will write you all better this next week! Your son, brother, grandson, friend, and only elder Nathan Chelson!!
Giv´n ´um heaven!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Christofferson shaking my hand to singing in a choir... a week really interesting!

Hey there family!! I love you all, and I have tons to say today!!
1. This last Tuesday we had the chance to listen to Elder Christofferson, and to shake his hand! It was a really awesome meeting, and we learned tons! He talked about the difference in mercy and justice, and about how we need to use the book of Mormon! A quick story for you... we were asking questions, and someone asked him "how can I help my investigators to know that god loves them?" (A sister of course). Haha my first thought was the story of the father of king limoni!! Haha and after about 5 minutes of answers from missionaries, elder Christofferson asked... "But how can we use the book of Mormonto answer this?" haha I raised my hand in middle of his question, with the page already opened! Haha I answered the question of an apostle!! Haha yes!!
2. This is actually the same idea, but 1 was getting big. We also listened to elder Gonzalez of the 70 and the wives of these men! Sister Gonzalez said something really powerful, that I loved! She said "you are serving in the lands of Nephi and Enos, and of Ammon and alma. They walked this land." haha we were all like... "Whaaaa"...haha and then, even better, she said “you are part of the fulfillingof gods covenant with these prophets!" I felt like I have a purpose in my work, even more than before!
3. Elder Gonzalez said that we need to use the book of Mormon...always... he had a really powerful statement. "The book of Mormon is the key of my conversion." to make that even more powerful, elder
Christofferson said the same thing, but with an invitation... "Take this key our conversions, including your conversion, and teach the people of Paraguay!" haha I loved it!!
4. So this week, I had divisions with the assistants to the president! I worked with elder brown, who looks just like woody, and is practically perfect! He had a really bad allergy attack, so it was a little difficult, but we still worked! We put 7 people with a date for there baptisms! He taught me something really valuable! He said that if we aren’t inviting them to do things, we aren’t inviting them to repent. Why not invite them to be baptized when you tell them your name! Haha we are applying that now and it is really... rough... haha
sometime people are really mad at us, but we just try to teach with love!
5. I had a great experience with one of these contacts that turned into a lesson! I promised a lady that she could have more happiness in her life, and her reply was, "how do you know I am not happy?" good question. Let’s read in the book of Mormon. 3 Nephi 27:20 says that it is a commandment to repent and be baptized. Then we read Mosiah 2:41 about how those who keep the commandments are happier. I told her that if our church is true, as I know it is, she isn’t keeping this commandment, and therefore she isn’t happy. She accepted it, and told me she would read. In her prayer she asked god to help us return to her house to teach her more. This sound like a really harsh story, but it was done with lots of love, and with the
best intentions. She is going to advance in the gospel, I just know it!
6. We had district conference, like stake conference, this week end! (I was in the choir) we had tons of talks about families, something that I can’t apply right now, but there was one of the talks on families that I want to share with you! It was about traditions of the fathers, like the book of Mormon! The question was, "what are your traditions, and are they eternal?" I really liked it! They talked about scripture study, prayer, and fame, and the assistance in the church! I think our family is really good at that, and I am grateful for our parents and their traditions!!
7. My companion right now is writing a letter for the ex-girlfriend of his companion from the mtc!! What a boss!! Haha but I am keeping an eye on him ;) elder fox is quickly becoming one of my best friends!
Haha he knows three amigos!! Haha we are doing well together, and will continue to grow until one of us is transferred!! Haha he is great!!
8. Here are so many blessings in this life, and especially in the mission life! I know that god is my heavenly father, and that his son,  our savior, has lots of love for me! He wants us to be better people,
and that is something that I am working on! I was thinking this last week in one of my prayers that we are asking people to change their lives, but are we changing ours? I am going to work even harder to become a saw these two beings, and that through him, the church was restored! I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, translated with the power of god by Joseph smith. I know that it teaches us truth, and
that thanks to this book, I can become closer to god! I am changing my life, and doing well! I love you all, and please am safe!!
9. Em and boskie, good luck with your games!! BYU and porter, good luck with your games, everyone good luck with your studies, and most important... I love you!

Read the scriptures, always pray, and you will/can change.
Elder Chelson, Giv`n um heaven!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Another Day in Paraguay

First off, my computer is terrible today so forgive me!!
I love you all, and I am glad I can share my week with you!!
1. I have a new companion! Elder fox is his name, he is from Utah,
About thirty minutes from temple square. He is the son of a Ute and an
Aggie, but he is a cougar!! Hurray! We are good pals already!! He is
Brilliant! He got an a in economics in buy, something that doesn’t
Happen. He ruined the curve. Haha that is really funny!! I love this
Comp! He is still new, only six weeks, so that meanss...
2. I am a trainer now!! His first trainer was terrible. Eh sleeping
All day in the house! Haha but he is my son now, so I am happy with
That!! I am going to finish his training, and then I think I will leave
This area!! I am still in coronel Oviedo, and I will have at least one
Fourth of my mission in this area!! I am really happy about that!
Something that is hard is that we don’t have many investigators! We are
Trying hard, and are going to see results soon!
3. I am also district leader now, and that is a big assignment for me!
I love it, as I am receiving tons of ideas to help the other
Companionships advance! Something   that we are going to do is improve
Our studies, I think that is something that will help a lot. Also, we
Are trying to have more lessons with members! I love my area so much!!
The people INS Paraguay are really awesome, and always let us in to
Teach them!! Well sometimes! Something that I really love right
Now is that they all know that we speak English, and ask us to teach
They stuff! I like using... "Well, we aren’t too good of teachers of
English, but I can teach you about Christ... can we teach you and your
Family how we can live with god again?" it seems to work well!
4. Tomorrow, we are going to have the chance to listen to elder
Kristofferson! He is coming to Paraguay, and is going to teach us for
1.5 hours!! He is able to speak Spanish... hurray!! Haha I think him
Will talk in English, but I don’t know for sure!!
5. My computer erased a whole paragraph... I hate this computer... I
Hate this computer....
I am going to give up now!! Next week I will have a better computer!!
I love you all!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, November 4, 2013

In Our Peaceful River Valley.... There is the Temple On the Hill

Hahahahahahahaha remember this song???? Haha I don’t know why, but it is in my head today!! Oh, hello everyone! I am glad for this chance I have to write you once again!! Another hard week in the work, and it is really hot right now, but it will be harder, and it could be hotter, so I am doing well! I love you all!!
1. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ONOFRE CUBILLAS!!!!!! You all remember Notre right? He is amazing!! He is my convert who drank his whole life!!! This week, we talked with him tons!! His wife just had heart surgery, and she returned home this week, he asked us to come over to teach her the gospel!! Haha he is a missionary!! He is talking with all of his neighbors and friends about the church!! Haha this week, he also wanted to visit members in their houses after we had a lesson on home teaching. This program, home teaching, is practically dead in our branch, and in Paraguay. He said "I want to visit people, but I don’t know where they live." haha we took him with us, and we had a really great visit with a new family in the branch!! Also, he asked us this week to help him with his testimony, because he wanted to bear his testimony in the church. We did so, and wrote down what he said. Yesterday, he stood up to speak, and everyone was instantly silent. He went up to the pulpit, and started, and spoke with power!! He bore testimony about how he has repented and has joined the great church of god. He gave thanks for me and my two companions, and his wife, and his family. No one talked for a good two minutes after him. The spirit was strong!! AND.... he received the priesthood yesterday!! I stood in the circle, and the president of the branch gave him the priesthood. In the blessing after, he talked about how he would influence many, his family, friends, members, by sharing the gospel. President talked about being sealed in the temple with his wife (who is taking the lessons). It was amazing!!! So... that is him.
2. He was the highlight of our week. We had an investigator practically run away from us. She doesn’t want to talk to us, and is hiding in a different city. That is just great! Tis week was a little bit hard! One day was so hot; I got a bloody nose out of the blue! My comp was sick and stuck in his bed all day Saturday; all of these things together were hard. But I know the lord is blessing me. I am strengthening my testimony every day, and I am learning so much about me, our church, and our lord! This is the greatest opportunity of my life!!
3. We had a zone training this week, and it was great! We read something called the fourth missionary to prepare for i.e., and you should all read it! It is a little big, be we can apply it to our lives. It is about giving our all in the work of the lord, and not just doing what is required of us! I can really improve that! Anyways, we received a new booklet for missionaries, about adapting the mission life!! It is awesome! It talks about everything from finding the motivation to do exercise in the morning, to controlling sexual thoughts, to feeling more confident, to learning to repent! It is amazing!! It has a phrase that I find great!! It says "God has a perfect plan for his imperfect children; your responsibility to share this plan with all of his children!" so great! I loved it!!
4. Halloween here was normal, something a little bit strange!! Someone told me this week to say hi to Obama, and another started singing Yankee doodle... haha something I laughed at!!
5. SO I have just finished my third transfer here in Coronel Oviedo, and I have been thinking that I am going to leave, but yesterday, president called, and my companion, elder Godoy, is going to be zone leader. This means that there is a white wash, or I have more time here. I had just finished saying "I don’t think there are more people here for me to find..." when he called. That was a lesson for me! I am glad to be in the lord’s work, and I am going to work my hardest if it is here in coronel Oviedo, Caaguazú, or Asuncion!! (Three places that you all have no idea about!!)
6. Last Monday, after writing you all, I went to buy food. I saw a New Zealand all blacks shirt... and two minutes later, an Alabama shirt, and then TCU!! Haha I almost bought them all, but I didn’t!! (Shows how much love I have for you all (;) I thought it was funnyª
7. I am so glad I have this chance to serve! The lord is working on my heart lots! I am applying diligence this week in my work, and in the next week... I am thinking about obedience!!
8. I received a letter this last week with a testimony of a friend!! So great to receive it!! If you are reading my blog, thanks!! (Here is your shootout!)
9. I love you all, and will work my hardest this week, and will be safe, and will preach with love, and will do all I can to help the lord!!

Giv`n um heaven!!

Elder Chelson... chepora