Monday, November 25, 2013

Something a little bit different

SO... I thought I would change things up a bit!! Ready for this...
1. My testimony, but only a little bit of it! (I don’t have two years to write this) I know that God loves me. I am literally his son, and he knows my heart and my desires. He is so powerful, but he is so caring that he listens to my prayers. I know that he listens to each and every one of our prayers. He wants to hear our thoughts, and wants us to talk to him. What a blessing that we can pray. There is a saying that we pray to talk to God, and we read the scriptures so that he can talk to us. I know that the scriptures are really important for this reason! I know that in our church we have true scriptures that are the word of god. Sometimes we overlook the bible, which has so much good for us! I am reading right now in Matthew, and I find so much love of charts. He always helps and loves an example for us! I know that the book of Mormon is the most correct book in the world! It is a gift from god for us all! It has teachings for our days. It says in the book that the writings are for the future generations. We are the future generation. I know that Nephi wrote about his testimony to help me. I know that Mormon put together the plates with these teachings to
help me. I know that king Benjamin was talking to his people, but also to us. I know that we can be strengthening with these words! I am so glad that I have my family! Mom and dad are my favorite people in the world. My heroes. I have a father is worthy to give me a priesthood blessing, something that is not very common in our world. He is my teacher, and my example, I will be like him in the future. My mom is
my favorite person in the world. She so loves for me, and always wants the best for her kids, and sacrifices tons! I know that my siblings are a blessing for me too! They are my best friends, and I learn from them tons! I want to live with them forever, and I know that I can thanks to the priesthood that is restored in our church. I know that this is all true! I am now at one hour. But I love you all! This is just a little of my testimony! I am grateful for you all, and love your prayers and support! May we be worthy always to live with
god! I love you, and will write you all better this next week! Your son, brother, grandson, friend, and only elder Nathan Chelson!!
Giv´n ´um heaven!!

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