Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Another Day in Paraguay

First off, my computer is terrible today so forgive me!!
I love you all, and I am glad I can share my week with you!!
1. I have a new companion! Elder fox is his name, he is from Utah,
About thirty minutes from temple square. He is the son of a Ute and an
Aggie, but he is a cougar!! Hurray! We are good pals already!! He is
Brilliant! He got an a in economics in buy, something that doesn’t
Happen. He ruined the curve. Haha that is really funny!! I love this
Comp! He is still new, only six weeks, so that meanss...
2. I am a trainer now!! His first trainer was terrible. Eh sleeping
All day in the house! Haha but he is my son now, so I am happy with
That!! I am going to finish his training, and then I think I will leave
This area!! I am still in coronel Oviedo, and I will have at least one
Fourth of my mission in this area!! I am really happy about that!
Something that is hard is that we don’t have many investigators! We are
Trying hard, and are going to see results soon!
3. I am also district leader now, and that is a big assignment for me!
I love it, as I am receiving tons of ideas to help the other
Companionships advance! Something   that we are going to do is improve
Our studies, I think that is something that will help a lot. Also, we
Are trying to have more lessons with members! I love my area so much!!
The people INS Paraguay are really awesome, and always let us in to
Teach them!! Well sometimes! Something that I really love right
Now is that they all know that we speak English, and ask us to teach
They stuff! I like using... "Well, we aren’t too good of teachers of
English, but I can teach you about Christ... can we teach you and your
Family how we can live with god again?" it seems to work well!
4. Tomorrow, we are going to have the chance to listen to elder
Kristofferson! He is coming to Paraguay, and is going to teach us for
1.5 hours!! He is able to speak Spanish... hurray!! Haha I think him
Will talk in English, but I don’t know for sure!!
5. My computer erased a whole paragraph... I hate this computer... I
Hate this computer....
I am going to give up now!! Next week I will have a better computer!!
I love you all!!

Elder Chelson

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