Monday, January 20, 2014

Jesus is a Friend of Mine!!

I chose this title for this week because one day, I was studying about Jesus Christ and that song popped in my head! Got to love Christian rock bands!!
1. I am really happy this week!! Like.... really happy!! I don’t really know how to explain it, but I feel like I can see so many blessings in my life! Paraguay is so beautiful!! it has a different beauty than Idaho and Utah, as there is literally nothing, but I think it is so awesome how the people are just out in the streets playing football, or how everyone just screams "elders!!!" as we walk by! I think it is literally a blessing to be able to live here!!
2. Mom, I told you I had good news for you all, and here it is!! After about 4 months without a baptism, this week, we are going to have 3!!! These people are as ready for us as the gospel that it isn’t funny! We are going to baptize the lady named marcilina, who has more faith than half of the quorum of the 12!! she has a son, named victor, how survived a fall from 20 meters on a building, and has dedicated his life to the lord, who just happens to be "Joe jr." also we are going to baptize a 12 year old who after three years finally got his permission! They are excited, and I am too!!
3. I just watched porter dancing again... thanks!!
4. This week, I ate a nice stew of cat and dog. I am not lying!! Now, it tastes a little bit like a really great mix of bread and steak! Haha I am really grateful for this meal, however, because it was a convert, who is trying to get on his mission, and he doesn’t really have much money to do it! It is so inspiring to see his testimony through his actions! Mom and dad, do you feed the missionaries! That is something I didn’t realize before my mission. That there always seems to be "someone else" to feed them, but that really means that they are going to eat a nice mix of bananas and eggs with a little bit of bbq sauce, which was the lunch of my comp this week! I had ramen, so it is alright! Hahaha but really, get on that!!
5. This week, we cut down a tree with a machete!! It is so liberating! I think it is something that I will recommend to the stressed and angry, just to hit a tree with a knife!! Hahaha it was a big tree too, so we had some pretty wicked and almost... dangerous, experiences!  Hahaha I am really glad that we did it, but also really glad that we were safe the whole time!!
6. We just finished eating all you can eat pizza hut, and it was so good!! I personally had 9 pieces, but I think I could have done more if I wasn’t going to work today!!  I am talking a lot about food, but that is just normal for a missionary who isn’t in the states!!
7. I was thinking this week about something great and applicable!! This week I went back to the dentist, and while I was there waiting, I saw so many people there with pain.  I could just see the pain in their eyes! I was thinking that I could feel there pain because I know it, right. That is compassion. I don’t why I never thought about this before, but I say in 3 Nephi that Jesus had compassion on the people after seeing their faces. He knows how we feel. He suffered us, and knows every little hurt! He invites to come unto him and be healed! What a great example of love! I think we can all learn from him every day!!
 I love you all, and hope you are all safe! Em, Nat, and brig, have a good end of the semester, and dad with your classes! Hannah porter and bear, keep it up with your college, and cheer really loud at the buy games!! I love you all!! Be safe!

Elder Chelson

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well... I don't Have Much Time

Haha I don’t have much time today, thanks to this video of porter dancing like crazy!!! I think it is so great! Thanks porter!!
1. I had a little bit of an incedent with my teeth this week! Oh yeah... what luck!! I was awake for about 72 hours... because I couldn’t sleep! I almost pulled out some wicked sleeping pills and... The special pain killer’s bishop gave me, but I figured I had better not! I prayed a lot, and I found that pray works! I got two blessings of health, and in one it was sad that the lord would give me a solution. The next day I went to the dentist and got work done. Now, I must tell you about the second tongue I have! While this dentist was working on me, the suction slipped to under my tongue, it got stuck! The dentist tried pulling it off, and it pulled up a ton of my under tongue, so now it is impossible to talk!! Haha but I am suffering with patience! ;) I believe that this dentist was an answer to my prayers and a gift from god! I know that he is watching over me as one of his servants!
2. I am loving the work here in obrero! We had 6 people in the church this week, and almost all are progressing towards baptisms! One of them is named marcilina, and I have to share with you some of her phrases! "I am not going to miss church all of my life" “I know that joseph smith was a prophet, because god loves Me." what do you think sister, do you want to be baptized? "It is all I want." it is crazy awesome!! I love her!! Haha she is the blackest paraguayo ever! I mean she is like a crazy southern black lady, or at least I think she is!!
3. I had a great experience yesterday, and it is thanks to you all! When I was in the mtc I printed your letters, and I was reading some of them, when I found great advice about what I need to do as a missionary! One of them, from dad, said that I should sit and read the the people, and show them that I love the book of Mormon! So we did that yesterday with one of our investigators who is struggling to find an answer! We read 2 Nephi 4, and I shared my testimony about how the lord loves us all! He said that he believed that Nephi wrote that for us, because god knew we would struggle! It was so good!! I loved it! We felt the spirit strongly! I also read letters from porter about reading and praying, and from Em and Hannah about praying! I know that you guys know this all, and I am grateful for your help!
4. I love when I am sitting in the lessons, and we can see someone connecting all of our teachings! Yesterday we asked a very catholic man the question, can god talk to men today? right after teaching the first vision, and his eyes light up! He felt the spirit, and he promised he would pray! I know that this I s the lords work!!!
5. I was reading in Jesus the Christ today, which I will finish tonight!! It has a phrase that I am going to share to finish!! "The gospel of Jesus Christ is the embodiment of liberty. It is the truth that shall make free every man and every nation who will accept and obey its precepts"
I give my witness that this is the church of god, and that I am working in his work! I know that I am blessed and protected and that he is preparing his children for me!

Elder Chelson

Monday, January 6, 2014

What a Great Week!

Hey there family!!
1. I had really awesome week this week! I didn’t have any baptisms, but I had so much success personally, and my investigators too, that I am just filled with joy! I literally cannot tell you all of the things that are happening, but I hope you all know that I will try!
2. I had a great expense this week with prayer! We were sitting in the rain, at about 8 15, and it was pouring. We didn’t have anything to do, but elder Shelby thought about a less active member, so I thought yeah, let’s go. The thing is, we have an area that is just a hill, so we are walking up hill in a stream. We saw that the huge cemetary in our area was open, and for so rediculously crazy reason, we wanted to walk through it! So we went, and it was dark, and I was scared, and I heard voices like the pirates of the carribean ride at Disneyland, and I was scared, and I never looked behind me, and I prayed. You get the point. Well we got to the other side and we found that the gate at this part was locked. I am freaking out because I didn’t want to walk through it again, and elder Shelby didn’t either. We looked and saw that the wall at this point was about 8 feet high, but it was our only option, so we decided to try and jump it. I can’t jump, but with a miracle I jumped over and was saved from the monsters! We then continued to the house of this less active, and when we got there, this lady was praising the lord scream hallelujah! She was so happy to see us! She had been praying that someone would come to her house to help her move her couch out of the rain! We were an answer to prayers, and for that reason we had to go through the cemetary and jump the fence and all! I know that god listens to our prayers!
3. I was thinking this week about the love that Jesus must have had for us, and I was trying to find scriptuers to help me figure it out. I came to a conclusion this Friday, however, that I will never quite know just how much love he had for us! He died for us, so that we could all be free!! "I stand all amazed" makes tons of sense to me now!
4. I have some pretty sweet goals for this year, and I was thinking about them a lot today! One of the things I want to do is finish 3 of the standard works in Spanish, and with that I am reading tons, and learning tons, I am so greatful for the scriputes in my life!
5. I was reading today in the gospel doctrines book, and I found something crazy awesome in chapter 7! It talks about the Holy Ghost, and it has really great phrases! One of them said that the spirit gives us manifiestations that are more long lasting then even seeing angels, or the son of god! It says that these experiences will fade, but our promptings of the spirit wont! How great that god answers our questions with the most powerful way!! I was thinking about this idea and found a great example! Alma the younger saw an angel, and had his huge repentance right? Well it says in Alma 5 that he gained his knowledge and testimony through the spirit! How great is that! I am glad for the Holy Ghost in my life. I am glad I was born in the covenant, because I can’t remember many times without the guidence of the spirit! What a blessing for all of us!
I love you all, and hope you all have a great successful year in work and school! Build your testimonies!!

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Love You All!!!!

I was transfered to a different area... barrio obrero... we have two huge futbol stadiums in our street! My comp is named elder Shelby, and I love working with him! I love you all, an am looking forward to talking to you all, 40 minutes no mas... oh and dad, did you ever hear of a jumping Joe Shelby at BYU? He is the dad of my comp... I love you all, be safe!!

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot dogs and good adventures!!

Hahahaha I feel like I need to explain my title! This week, we contact two guys, who were named hot dog and good adventure! Haha it was so funny!  We also contacted a guy who told us that he was never ever going to change his religion, but we still have an appointment with him this week! Hurray!! I am doing good, and am happy!!
1. I had a little bit of a sad moment yesterday. One of my converts in now drinking... and I am a little upset! It was a relapse, so we should have seen it coming. I can see how the talk of elder Scott from the last conference applies now. We are applying the atonement, but if we aren’t strong in our commitments and covenants, .like the people of Ammon, we might fall back. We are going to will with our dear brother and help him, but I felt so much dispare... I felt like I need to just hug um and be with um... but I can’t. I am praying tons right now for him!!
2. This week, we had sad experience with a baptismal interview... we had a girl who wanted to be baptized, and I was in her house to do the interview. Her dad came, and she was afraid, so she asked if we could do the interview in the church the next day. We said yes, and the next day, she called us and said that her dad wouldn’t let her leave. Her dad told he that she had two choices, be baptized, or live in the house. She is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. I am really grateful that I was raised in the gospel, and that I had the chance to learn from good parents!
3. I am now using a purse... haha the backpack thing with the heat here is terrible, so I found a bag to use like a shoulder bag, and I look mighty fine with it!
4. We finished the training of elder fox this week, and there is a really good chance that I am going to be transfered this Wednesday! I am really grateful for him and for his help for me! I needed someone like him. I am so amazed at the growth in me in these last six weeks. I can teach now! I love it! Something that I am going to miss about him is his loving nature. I hope I have a really good 4th companion too, because up to now, I have had all the best!!
5. This week, I found something that I really needed. I found my need, the thing I need to change most! I need to learn how to recognize the promptings of the spirit in my life. I feel like if I can do that, I am going to find the harry potters (chosen ones), and I will know where to go and when. How lucky am I that there is a chapter in preach my gospel for this exact thing!
6. I am looking forward to talking with you all this next week. Something you should know is that I won’t have much time. 40 minutes max, and if I use those 40, I only have 20 to write on Monday. So I think you should all send me your questions on Monday, and I will just write a little one for you all! And then when we talk, it will be really good!!
I love you all! Read your scriptures, pray, attend the temple, and do good! Be an example of the love of god through your actions, and be nice to the missionaries!!
Given um heaven!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mbe´e Chapa?

Hola familia y amigos! Como estan? Estoy muy feliz, y muy animado para escribirles!
1. This week was a rather hot one, and that is really funny because it is really cold in your houses!! Haha but because it was so hot, tons of people invited us in to have a cup of water, and to share a little. Tons don’t want to listen to a full lesson, but we sing a hymn about Christ and share Alma 7! It is pretty powerful, and in love it!
2. My converts are doing awesome!! In love that in have had so much time with them here in coronel Oviedo!! Onofre is now blessing the sacrament, and dad, like with your story, he does it so carefully, and every word has meaning! In almost cry every time he blesses it! Also, he went to the temple this week to do baptisms! In am so amazed at the change he made in his life! In am sure that the lord can change anyone, including us, to be better! I love that part of serving!
3. This week, there was something kind of like pioneer days! It was the "day of the virgin of caacupe!" haha all of the catholic community gets together to celebrate, and tons of people walk from coronel Oviedo caacupe! That is 84 km!! Haha it is funny because in think in wall that much every week, so for me it is nothing, but for them it is a huge sacrifices! In love the devotion that they have for their religion, and it made me think bout what in am doing to show my devotion. I think in can be a little bit better!!
4. My companion elder fox is really awesome!! Haha we can tease about just about anything now, and in think he will be a lifelong friend! It is weird to think that in have only known him for like 5 weeks, but already he is like that! (But in guess in have only known Morgan minds for 6 days [shoutout]) haha he was a good friend for me this week especially because i was really sick, and he just helped me a ton!! So shoutout to him too!!
5. Em, dad says that you are playing crazy good! Keep it up! Someone take a video of her, and keep it!!! Haha and now for Brigham and Nat, how are you doing? How is school going, and how is the snow?? Is Nat going to be in drivers Ed soon?? No!!!!! She is too little!!
6. I have found out something amazing about the scriptures this week, well in was reminded! They were written for our days! I am going to talk about inspired questions for my district meeting tomorrow, and I just so happened to read today in Alma 32, with tons of inspired questions!! He is an example for me! We can apply their lives with ours right now, and always there is something to change!!
7. In love you all, and was thinking about you all this past Saturdayª! We were eating with members, and there TV was on. I didn’t watch it, but jingle all the way was playing!! That was really tempting for me!! Ahh... so hard!!  love you all, and am praying for you constantly!

Love, elder Chelson :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly update from Coronel Oviedo 1.2

Hey there folks!! How’s it going? I am pleased to have this chance once again to write you all!
1. This week we had a zone conference, and in the conference we talked about the atonement of Christ for all of us. President Agazzani showed us the film the atonement and mission work, and I really was moved!! I thought a lot about my work, and how I can improve, there is just so much to do!"! I am feeling a little bit stressed to do it, but I am going to take baby steps, like bob from what about bob.
2. I bore my testimony in church yesterday about the ability of Christ to cleanse us. There is an example in Matthew that talks about a leper who says, in Spanish, "Lord, if you want, you can cleanse Me." the
response of Christ is "I want to. Be clean." it is so beautiful and simple, but it is the truth. He wants to help us. Sister Christofferson, when she was here with her husband, said that Christ has blessings for us, but we can only receive them if we are ready. If there is anything you need to change in your lives, do it! Do it now.
Ask to be cleaned, and he will clean you. I know that he will help you!!
3. This week, for thanksgiving, we ate hamburgers that were a little undercooked with a juice that was a little watery. But I was happy! Haha I am thankful for this mission, and for the experiences that I am gaining. The lord is working on my heart, and I love it! Ifinished my first journal this last week, and I was reading about my experiences up to now. The lord gives me miracles every day! I think he is giving you them too! You should look for them!
4. I love my district, and I wrote my president about something this week, but it is in Spanish!! Good luck reading it!!
"elder Ramirez me pregunto algo interestante esta semana... "¿como podemos bautizar mas?" yo estudie para contestar, y yo tengo un leccion muy buena para mañana en mi reunion de distrito! vamos a hacer
la actividad que se encuentra en p. 15 de pme, en la seccion para companerismo. estamos estudiando sobre estas gran misioneros, y yo voy a preguntar que fue diferente sobre estas misioneros y nosotros.
dispues yo voy a decirles a mi distrito que necistamos aplicar los ejemplos de estes personas, y tambien capitulo 10 de pme, y con esto vamos a tener bautismos! estoy animado para ayudar a estas personas!"
5. I want you all to know that I love you, and pray for you! do you have any questions about Paraguay, my food, the people, anything? sometimes I feel like I am just writing random things... I love you

Elder Chelson :)