Monday, January 20, 2014

Jesus is a Friend of Mine!!

I chose this title for this week because one day, I was studying about Jesus Christ and that song popped in my head! Got to love Christian rock bands!!
1. I am really happy this week!! Like.... really happy!! I don’t really know how to explain it, but I feel like I can see so many blessings in my life! Paraguay is so beautiful!! it has a different beauty than Idaho and Utah, as there is literally nothing, but I think it is so awesome how the people are just out in the streets playing football, or how everyone just screams "elders!!!" as we walk by! I think it is literally a blessing to be able to live here!!
2. Mom, I told you I had good news for you all, and here it is!! After about 4 months without a baptism, this week, we are going to have 3!!! These people are as ready for us as the gospel that it isn’t funny! We are going to baptize the lady named marcilina, who has more faith than half of the quorum of the 12!! she has a son, named victor, how survived a fall from 20 meters on a building, and has dedicated his life to the lord, who just happens to be "Joe jr." also we are going to baptize a 12 year old who after three years finally got his permission! They are excited, and I am too!!
3. I just watched porter dancing again... thanks!!
4. This week, I ate a nice stew of cat and dog. I am not lying!! Now, it tastes a little bit like a really great mix of bread and steak! Haha I am really grateful for this meal, however, because it was a convert, who is trying to get on his mission, and he doesn’t really have much money to do it! It is so inspiring to see his testimony through his actions! Mom and dad, do you feed the missionaries! That is something I didn’t realize before my mission. That there always seems to be "someone else" to feed them, but that really means that they are going to eat a nice mix of bananas and eggs with a little bit of bbq sauce, which was the lunch of my comp this week! I had ramen, so it is alright! Hahaha but really, get on that!!
5. This week, we cut down a tree with a machete!! It is so liberating! I think it is something that I will recommend to the stressed and angry, just to hit a tree with a knife!! Hahaha it was a big tree too, so we had some pretty wicked and almost... dangerous, experiences!  Hahaha I am really glad that we did it, but also really glad that we were safe the whole time!!
6. We just finished eating all you can eat pizza hut, and it was so good!! I personally had 9 pieces, but I think I could have done more if I wasn’t going to work today!!  I am talking a lot about food, but that is just normal for a missionary who isn’t in the states!!
7. I was thinking this week about something great and applicable!! This week I went back to the dentist, and while I was there waiting, I saw so many people there with pain.  I could just see the pain in their eyes! I was thinking that I could feel there pain because I know it, right. That is compassion. I don’t why I never thought about this before, but I say in 3 Nephi that Jesus had compassion on the people after seeing their faces. He knows how we feel. He suffered us, and knows every little hurt! He invites to come unto him and be healed! What a great example of love! I think we can all learn from him every day!!
 I love you all, and hope you are all safe! Em, Nat, and brig, have a good end of the semester, and dad with your classes! Hannah porter and bear, keep it up with your college, and cheer really loud at the buy games!! I love you all!! Be safe!

Elder Chelson

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