Monday, January 13, 2014

Well... I don't Have Much Time

Haha I don’t have much time today, thanks to this video of porter dancing like crazy!!! I think it is so great! Thanks porter!!
1. I had a little bit of an incedent with my teeth this week! Oh yeah... what luck!! I was awake for about 72 hours... because I couldn’t sleep! I almost pulled out some wicked sleeping pills and... The special pain killer’s bishop gave me, but I figured I had better not! I prayed a lot, and I found that pray works! I got two blessings of health, and in one it was sad that the lord would give me a solution. The next day I went to the dentist and got work done. Now, I must tell you about the second tongue I have! While this dentist was working on me, the suction slipped to under my tongue, it got stuck! The dentist tried pulling it off, and it pulled up a ton of my under tongue, so now it is impossible to talk!! Haha but I am suffering with patience! ;) I believe that this dentist was an answer to my prayers and a gift from god! I know that he is watching over me as one of his servants!
2. I am loving the work here in obrero! We had 6 people in the church this week, and almost all are progressing towards baptisms! One of them is named marcilina, and I have to share with you some of her phrases! "I am not going to miss church all of my life" “I know that joseph smith was a prophet, because god loves Me." what do you think sister, do you want to be baptized? "It is all I want." it is crazy awesome!! I love her!! Haha she is the blackest paraguayo ever! I mean she is like a crazy southern black lady, or at least I think she is!!
3. I had a great experience yesterday, and it is thanks to you all! When I was in the mtc I printed your letters, and I was reading some of them, when I found great advice about what I need to do as a missionary! One of them, from dad, said that I should sit and read the the people, and show them that I love the book of Mormon! So we did that yesterday with one of our investigators who is struggling to find an answer! We read 2 Nephi 4, and I shared my testimony about how the lord loves us all! He said that he believed that Nephi wrote that for us, because god knew we would struggle! It was so good!! I loved it! We felt the spirit strongly! I also read letters from porter about reading and praying, and from Em and Hannah about praying! I know that you guys know this all, and I am grateful for your help!
4. I love when I am sitting in the lessons, and we can see someone connecting all of our teachings! Yesterday we asked a very catholic man the question, can god talk to men today? right after teaching the first vision, and his eyes light up! He felt the spirit, and he promised he would pray! I know that this I s the lords work!!!
5. I was reading in Jesus the Christ today, which I will finish tonight!! It has a phrase that I am going to share to finish!! "The gospel of Jesus Christ is the embodiment of liberty. It is the truth that shall make free every man and every nation who will accept and obey its precepts"
I give my witness that this is the church of god, and that I am working in his work! I know that I am blessed and protected and that he is preparing his children for me!

Elder Chelson

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