Monday, December 23, 2013

I Love You All!!!!

I was transfered to a different area... barrio obrero... we have two huge futbol stadiums in our street! My comp is named elder Shelby, and I love working with him! I love you all, an am looking forward to talking to you all, 40 minutes no mas... oh and dad, did you ever hear of a jumping Joe Shelby at BYU? He is the dad of my comp... I love you all, be safe!!

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot dogs and good adventures!!

Hahahaha I feel like I need to explain my title! This week, we contact two guys, who were named hot dog and good adventure! Haha it was so funny!  We also contacted a guy who told us that he was never ever going to change his religion, but we still have an appointment with him this week! Hurray!! I am doing good, and am happy!!
1. I had a little bit of a sad moment yesterday. One of my converts in now drinking... and I am a little upset! It was a relapse, so we should have seen it coming. I can see how the talk of elder Scott from the last conference applies now. We are applying the atonement, but if we aren’t strong in our commitments and covenants, .like the people of Ammon, we might fall back. We are going to will with our dear brother and help him, but I felt so much dispare... I felt like I need to just hug um and be with um... but I can’t. I am praying tons right now for him!!
2. This week, we had sad experience with a baptismal interview... we had a girl who wanted to be baptized, and I was in her house to do the interview. Her dad came, and she was afraid, so she asked if we could do the interview in the church the next day. We said yes, and the next day, she called us and said that her dad wouldn’t let her leave. Her dad told he that she had two choices, be baptized, or live in the house. She is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. I am really grateful that I was raised in the gospel, and that I had the chance to learn from good parents!
3. I am now using a purse... haha the backpack thing with the heat here is terrible, so I found a bag to use like a shoulder bag, and I look mighty fine with it!
4. We finished the training of elder fox this week, and there is a really good chance that I am going to be transfered this Wednesday! I am really grateful for him and for his help for me! I needed someone like him. I am so amazed at the growth in me in these last six weeks. I can teach now! I love it! Something that I am going to miss about him is his loving nature. I hope I have a really good 4th companion too, because up to now, I have had all the best!!
5. This week, I found something that I really needed. I found my need, the thing I need to change most! I need to learn how to recognize the promptings of the spirit in my life. I feel like if I can do that, I am going to find the harry potters (chosen ones), and I will know where to go and when. How lucky am I that there is a chapter in preach my gospel for this exact thing!
6. I am looking forward to talking with you all this next week. Something you should know is that I won’t have much time. 40 minutes max, and if I use those 40, I only have 20 to write on Monday. So I think you should all send me your questions on Monday, and I will just write a little one for you all! And then when we talk, it will be really good!!
I love you all! Read your scriptures, pray, attend the temple, and do good! Be an example of the love of god through your actions, and be nice to the missionaries!!
Given um heaven!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mbe´e Chapa?

Hola familia y amigos! Como estan? Estoy muy feliz, y muy animado para escribirles!
1. This week was a rather hot one, and that is really funny because it is really cold in your houses!! Haha but because it was so hot, tons of people invited us in to have a cup of water, and to share a little. Tons don’t want to listen to a full lesson, but we sing a hymn about Christ and share Alma 7! It is pretty powerful, and in love it!
2. My converts are doing awesome!! In love that in have had so much time with them here in coronel Oviedo!! Onofre is now blessing the sacrament, and dad, like with your story, he does it so carefully, and every word has meaning! In almost cry every time he blesses it! Also, he went to the temple this week to do baptisms! In am so amazed at the change he made in his life! In am sure that the lord can change anyone, including us, to be better! I love that part of serving!
3. This week, there was something kind of like pioneer days! It was the "day of the virgin of caacupe!" haha all of the catholic community gets together to celebrate, and tons of people walk from coronel Oviedo caacupe! That is 84 km!! Haha it is funny because in think in wall that much every week, so for me it is nothing, but for them it is a huge sacrifices! In love the devotion that they have for their religion, and it made me think bout what in am doing to show my devotion. I think in can be a little bit better!!
4. My companion elder fox is really awesome!! Haha we can tease about just about anything now, and in think he will be a lifelong friend! It is weird to think that in have only known him for like 5 weeks, but already he is like that! (But in guess in have only known Morgan minds for 6 days [shoutout]) haha he was a good friend for me this week especially because i was really sick, and he just helped me a ton!! So shoutout to him too!!
5. Em, dad says that you are playing crazy good! Keep it up! Someone take a video of her, and keep it!!! Haha and now for Brigham and Nat, how are you doing? How is school going, and how is the snow?? Is Nat going to be in drivers Ed soon?? No!!!!! She is too little!!
6. I have found out something amazing about the scriptures this week, well in was reminded! They were written for our days! I am going to talk about inspired questions for my district meeting tomorrow, and I just so happened to read today in Alma 32, with tons of inspired questions!! He is an example for me! We can apply their lives with ours right now, and always there is something to change!!
7. In love you all, and was thinking about you all this past Saturdayª! We were eating with members, and there TV was on. I didn’t watch it, but jingle all the way was playing!! That was really tempting for me!! Ahh... so hard!!  love you all, and am praying for you constantly!

Love, elder Chelson :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly update from Coronel Oviedo 1.2

Hey there folks!! How’s it going? I am pleased to have this chance once again to write you all!
1. This week we had a zone conference, and in the conference we talked about the atonement of Christ for all of us. President Agazzani showed us the film the atonement and mission work, and I really was moved!! I thought a lot about my work, and how I can improve, there is just so much to do!"! I am feeling a little bit stressed to do it, but I am going to take baby steps, like bob from what about bob.
2. I bore my testimony in church yesterday about the ability of Christ to cleanse us. There is an example in Matthew that talks about a leper who says, in Spanish, "Lord, if you want, you can cleanse Me." the
response of Christ is "I want to. Be clean." it is so beautiful and simple, but it is the truth. He wants to help us. Sister Christofferson, when she was here with her husband, said that Christ has blessings for us, but we can only receive them if we are ready. If there is anything you need to change in your lives, do it! Do it now.
Ask to be cleaned, and he will clean you. I know that he will help you!!
3. This week, for thanksgiving, we ate hamburgers that were a little undercooked with a juice that was a little watery. But I was happy! Haha I am thankful for this mission, and for the experiences that I am gaining. The lord is working on my heart, and I love it! Ifinished my first journal this last week, and I was reading about my experiences up to now. The lord gives me miracles every day! I think he is giving you them too! You should look for them!
4. I love my district, and I wrote my president about something this week, but it is in Spanish!! Good luck reading it!!
"elder Ramirez me pregunto algo interestante esta semana... "¿como podemos bautizar mas?" yo estudie para contestar, y yo tengo un leccion muy buena para mañana en mi reunion de distrito! vamos a hacer
la actividad que se encuentra en p. 15 de pme, en la seccion para companerismo. estamos estudiando sobre estas gran misioneros, y yo voy a preguntar que fue diferente sobre estas misioneros y nosotros.
dispues yo voy a decirles a mi distrito que necistamos aplicar los ejemplos de estes personas, y tambien capitulo 10 de pme, y con esto vamos a tener bautismos! estoy animado para ayudar a estas personas!"
5. I want you all to know that I love you, and pray for you! do you have any questions about Paraguay, my food, the people, anything? sometimes I feel like I am just writing random things... I love you

Elder Chelson :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Something a little bit different

SO... I thought I would change things up a bit!! Ready for this...
1. My testimony, but only a little bit of it! (I don’t have two years to write this) I know that God loves me. I am literally his son, and he knows my heart and my desires. He is so powerful, but he is so caring that he listens to my prayers. I know that he listens to each and every one of our prayers. He wants to hear our thoughts, and wants us to talk to him. What a blessing that we can pray. There is a saying that we pray to talk to God, and we read the scriptures so that he can talk to us. I know that the scriptures are really important for this reason! I know that in our church we have true scriptures that are the word of god. Sometimes we overlook the bible, which has so much good for us! I am reading right now in Matthew, and I find so much love of charts. He always helps and loves an example for us! I know that the book of Mormon is the most correct book in the world! It is a gift from god for us all! It has teachings for our days. It says in the book that the writings are for the future generations. We are the future generation. I know that Nephi wrote about his testimony to help me. I know that Mormon put together the plates with these teachings to
help me. I know that king Benjamin was talking to his people, but also to us. I know that we can be strengthening with these words! I am so glad that I have my family! Mom and dad are my favorite people in the world. My heroes. I have a father is worthy to give me a priesthood blessing, something that is not very common in our world. He is my teacher, and my example, I will be like him in the future. My mom is
my favorite person in the world. She so loves for me, and always wants the best for her kids, and sacrifices tons! I know that my siblings are a blessing for me too! They are my best friends, and I learn from them tons! I want to live with them forever, and I know that I can thanks to the priesthood that is restored in our church. I know that this is all true! I am now at one hour. But I love you all! This is just a little of my testimony! I am grateful for you all, and love your prayers and support! May we be worthy always to live with
god! I love you, and will write you all better this next week! Your son, brother, grandson, friend, and only elder Nathan Chelson!!
Giv´n ´um heaven!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Christofferson shaking my hand to singing in a choir... a week really interesting!

Hey there family!! I love you all, and I have tons to say today!!
1. This last Tuesday we had the chance to listen to Elder Christofferson, and to shake his hand! It was a really awesome meeting, and we learned tons! He talked about the difference in mercy and justice, and about how we need to use the book of Mormon! A quick story for you... we were asking questions, and someone asked him "how can I help my investigators to know that god loves them?" (A sister of course). Haha my first thought was the story of the father of king limoni!! Haha and after about 5 minutes of answers from missionaries, elder Christofferson asked... "But how can we use the book of Mormonto answer this?" haha I raised my hand in middle of his question, with the page already opened! Haha I answered the question of an apostle!! Haha yes!!
2. This is actually the same idea, but 1 was getting big. We also listened to elder Gonzalez of the 70 and the wives of these men! Sister Gonzalez said something really powerful, that I loved! She said "you are serving in the lands of Nephi and Enos, and of Ammon and alma. They walked this land." haha we were all like... "Whaaaa"...haha and then, even better, she said “you are part of the fulfillingof gods covenant with these prophets!" I felt like I have a purpose in my work, even more than before!
3. Elder Gonzalez said that we need to use the book of Mormon...always... he had a really powerful statement. "The book of Mormon is the key of my conversion." to make that even more powerful, elder
Christofferson said the same thing, but with an invitation... "Take this key our conversions, including your conversion, and teach the people of Paraguay!" haha I loved it!!
4. So this week, I had divisions with the assistants to the president! I worked with elder brown, who looks just like woody, and is practically perfect! He had a really bad allergy attack, so it was a little difficult, but we still worked! We put 7 people with a date for there baptisms! He taught me something really valuable! He said that if we aren’t inviting them to do things, we aren’t inviting them to repent. Why not invite them to be baptized when you tell them your name! Haha we are applying that now and it is really... rough... haha
sometime people are really mad at us, but we just try to teach with love!
5. I had a great experience with one of these contacts that turned into a lesson! I promised a lady that she could have more happiness in her life, and her reply was, "how do you know I am not happy?" good question. Let’s read in the book of Mormon. 3 Nephi 27:20 says that it is a commandment to repent and be baptized. Then we read Mosiah 2:41 about how those who keep the commandments are happier. I told her that if our church is true, as I know it is, she isn’t keeping this commandment, and therefore she isn’t happy. She accepted it, and told me she would read. In her prayer she asked god to help us return to her house to teach her more. This sound like a really harsh story, but it was done with lots of love, and with the
best intentions. She is going to advance in the gospel, I just know it!
6. We had district conference, like stake conference, this week end! (I was in the choir) we had tons of talks about families, something that I can’t apply right now, but there was one of the talks on families that I want to share with you! It was about traditions of the fathers, like the book of Mormon! The question was, "what are your traditions, and are they eternal?" I really liked it! They talked about scripture study, prayer, and fame, and the assistance in the church! I think our family is really good at that, and I am grateful for our parents and their traditions!!
7. My companion right now is writing a letter for the ex-girlfriend of his companion from the mtc!! What a boss!! Haha but I am keeping an eye on him ;) elder fox is quickly becoming one of my best friends!
Haha he knows three amigos!! Haha we are doing well together, and will continue to grow until one of us is transferred!! Haha he is great!!
8. Here are so many blessings in this life, and especially in the mission life! I know that god is my heavenly father, and that his son,  our savior, has lots of love for me! He wants us to be better people,
and that is something that I am working on! I was thinking this last week in one of my prayers that we are asking people to change their lives, but are we changing ours? I am going to work even harder to become a saw these two beings, and that through him, the church was restored! I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, translated with the power of god by Joseph smith. I know that it teaches us truth, and
that thanks to this book, I can become closer to god! I am changing my life, and doing well! I love you all, and please am safe!!
9. Em and boskie, good luck with your games!! BYU and porter, good luck with your games, everyone good luck with your studies, and most important... I love you!

Read the scriptures, always pray, and you will/can change.
Elder Chelson, Giv`n um heaven!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Another Day in Paraguay

First off, my computer is terrible today so forgive me!!
I love you all, and I am glad I can share my week with you!!
1. I have a new companion! Elder fox is his name, he is from Utah,
About thirty minutes from temple square. He is the son of a Ute and an
Aggie, but he is a cougar!! Hurray! We are good pals already!! He is
Brilliant! He got an a in economics in buy, something that doesn’t
Happen. He ruined the curve. Haha that is really funny!! I love this
Comp! He is still new, only six weeks, so that meanss...
2. I am a trainer now!! His first trainer was terrible. Eh sleeping
All day in the house! Haha but he is my son now, so I am happy with
That!! I am going to finish his training, and then I think I will leave
This area!! I am still in coronel Oviedo, and I will have at least one
Fourth of my mission in this area!! I am really happy about that!
Something that is hard is that we don’t have many investigators! We are
Trying hard, and are going to see results soon!
3. I am also district leader now, and that is a big assignment for me!
I love it, as I am receiving tons of ideas to help the other
Companionships advance! Something   that we are going to do is improve
Our studies, I think that is something that will help a lot. Also, we
Are trying to have more lessons with members! I love my area so much!!
The people INS Paraguay are really awesome, and always let us in to
Teach them!! Well sometimes! Something that I really love right
Now is that they all know that we speak English, and ask us to teach
They stuff! I like using... "Well, we aren’t too good of teachers of
English, but I can teach you about Christ... can we teach you and your
Family how we can live with god again?" it seems to work well!
4. Tomorrow, we are going to have the chance to listen to elder
Kristofferson! He is coming to Paraguay, and is going to teach us for
1.5 hours!! He is able to speak Spanish... hurray!! Haha I think him
Will talk in English, but I don’t know for sure!!
5. My computer erased a whole paragraph... I hate this computer... I
Hate this computer....
I am going to give up now!! Next week I will have a better computer!!
I love you all!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, November 4, 2013

In Our Peaceful River Valley.... There is the Temple On the Hill

Hahahahahahahaha remember this song???? Haha I don’t know why, but it is in my head today!! Oh, hello everyone! I am glad for this chance I have to write you once again!! Another hard week in the work, and it is really hot right now, but it will be harder, and it could be hotter, so I am doing well! I love you all!!
1. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ONOFRE CUBILLAS!!!!!! You all remember Notre right? He is amazing!! He is my convert who drank his whole life!!! This week, we talked with him tons!! His wife just had heart surgery, and she returned home this week, he asked us to come over to teach her the gospel!! Haha he is a missionary!! He is talking with all of his neighbors and friends about the church!! Haha this week, he also wanted to visit members in their houses after we had a lesson on home teaching. This program, home teaching, is practically dead in our branch, and in Paraguay. He said "I want to visit people, but I don’t know where they live." haha we took him with us, and we had a really great visit with a new family in the branch!! Also, he asked us this week to help him with his testimony, because he wanted to bear his testimony in the church. We did so, and wrote down what he said. Yesterday, he stood up to speak, and everyone was instantly silent. He went up to the pulpit, and started, and spoke with power!! He bore testimony about how he has repented and has joined the great church of god. He gave thanks for me and my two companions, and his wife, and his family. No one talked for a good two minutes after him. The spirit was strong!! AND.... he received the priesthood yesterday!! I stood in the circle, and the president of the branch gave him the priesthood. In the blessing after, he talked about how he would influence many, his family, friends, members, by sharing the gospel. President talked about being sealed in the temple with his wife (who is taking the lessons). It was amazing!!! So... that is him.
2. He was the highlight of our week. We had an investigator practically run away from us. She doesn’t want to talk to us, and is hiding in a different city. That is just great! Tis week was a little bit hard! One day was so hot; I got a bloody nose out of the blue! My comp was sick and stuck in his bed all day Saturday; all of these things together were hard. But I know the lord is blessing me. I am strengthening my testimony every day, and I am learning so much about me, our church, and our lord! This is the greatest opportunity of my life!!
3. We had a zone training this week, and it was great! We read something called the fourth missionary to prepare for i.e., and you should all read it! It is a little big, be we can apply it to our lives. It is about giving our all in the work of the lord, and not just doing what is required of us! I can really improve that! Anyways, we received a new booklet for missionaries, about adapting the mission life!! It is awesome! It talks about everything from finding the motivation to do exercise in the morning, to controlling sexual thoughts, to feeling more confident, to learning to repent! It is amazing!! It has a phrase that I find great!! It says "God has a perfect plan for his imperfect children; your responsibility to share this plan with all of his children!" so great! I loved it!!
4. Halloween here was normal, something a little bit strange!! Someone told me this week to say hi to Obama, and another started singing Yankee doodle... haha something I laughed at!!
5. SO I have just finished my third transfer here in Coronel Oviedo, and I have been thinking that I am going to leave, but yesterday, president called, and my companion, elder Godoy, is going to be zone leader. This means that there is a white wash, or I have more time here. I had just finished saying "I don’t think there are more people here for me to find..." when he called. That was a lesson for me! I am glad to be in the lord’s work, and I am going to work my hardest if it is here in coronel Oviedo, Caaguazú, or Asuncion!! (Three places that you all have no idea about!!)
6. Last Monday, after writing you all, I went to buy food. I saw a New Zealand all blacks shirt... and two minutes later, an Alabama shirt, and then TCU!! Haha I almost bought them all, but I didn’t!! (Shows how much love I have for you all (;) I thought it was funnyª
7. I am so glad I have this chance to serve! The lord is working on my heart lots! I am applying diligence this week in my work, and in the next week... I am thinking about obedience!!
8. I received a letter this last week with a testimony of a friend!! So great to receive it!! If you are reading my blog, thanks!! (Here is your shootout!)
9. I love you all, and will work my hardest this week, and will be safe, and will preach with love, and will do all I can to help the lord!!

Giv`n um heaven!!

Elder Chelson... chepora

Monday, October 28, 2013


Haha something I thought you would enjoy. Every time we have an investigator who is telling the same stories over and over, we start saying this in English... one more time... and we try and make each other laugh... maybe I am a bad missionary, but I have already heard this story 7 times!! Haha I am glad I can write you all once again, although I am sorry you have to read my letters! Let me know how I can improve!!
1. Once again with prayer... I had another great opportunity with prayer this week. I am so amazed that we have this blessing in our lives!! A thought I had yesterday is that it doesn’t matter if it is a 3 year old repeating the words of his father, or a general authority, heavenly father is going to listen. There is a phrase in Jesus the Christ that says... "God without prayer is still god, but people without prayer can’t enter the kingdom of god." that was pretty powerful for me!
2. Elder Dominguez, one of the zone leaders, gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. He talked about how we all have things that we need to drop; these things are addictions, or fears, etc. HE said that if we don’t drop these things, we can’t advance in this life. We can’t become better. It might be obvious, and it was more powerful in Spanish, but it really hit me. I am a missionary, serving the lord and talking with people about how they can come closer to god, but am I working my hardest to become a better person? PMG says in chapter one that one of the signs that we are successful missionaries is that we are becoming like Christ. That is something that I think I am doing, but I need to do more!! I have a new goal! I am going to apply one of the principles of chapter six of pmg, about the attributes of charts, to my life every week! I am going to start this next Thursday, if you want to do it too, we can grow closer to charts together!
3. This week, we had a goal to have 6 baptisms. Haha it is crazy I know, but we had this goal. Surprisingly, it was pretty realistic. We were set on all of these people, but mostly because we wanted to have baptisms this transfer... one day, the zone leaders talked to us about this goal. I learned a lot from them. They asked us how we knew that these people were prepared, and we answered our best, but realized that they really weren’t prepared. I read about zeniff this week in the book of Mormon. He was zealous to obtain land, and because of it, his descendants ended up in bondage. I also remembered the verse in 4 Nephi about the false churches, and how they gave ordinances to people who were not worthy. I almost did that. I almost caused these people to make a covenant that they couldn’t keep, that is scary to think, but it is the truth!! We repented, and changed our plans. Now, we are focusing on those who are ready for this Saturday, and working with those who aren’t for the next weeks. That is the way it should be. I believe in following the counsel of our leaders, and am really grateful for my leaders!
4. It is really hot in Paraguay right now... I am dying!! Haha and all of the Paraguayans just say, "Wait until December and January, then you will die." haha it will be wired to have sun on Christmas!!
5. You all need to read the letter that dad sent me! Haha I was overwhelmed with the gratitude he has! We are blessed to be in this family, and to have our parents! I am glad to have our family. We are a family in the church, which means that we have the chance to live forever together!! I am really glad that I have that knowledge! We talked about families in our gospel principles class, and the roles of different people! I know that mom and dad are doing their job, but bear, porter, Hannah, me, Nat, and boskie, maybe we can step it up! Our parents are really smart, and have the reason in all of the arguments! I wish I would have acknowledged that more before my mission! Sorry mom and dad! I will be better after my mission!! I promise!!
6. I found out something great this week! My companion knows the song, "prayer of the children" and we sing it together now!! Haha it is a blast! He is really awesome! I have learned a lot from him these 5 weeks, and am looking forward to this next week too!
7. The lord has so many blessings for all of us! We can receive these blessing when we are obedient!! I love you all, please read your scriptures every day, please pray, please work on becoming better! We all have work to do!
I love you! Given um heaven, Elder Chelson
p.s. pray for Francesca-she needs to get married, and raquelita-she need permission to be baptized!!
pp.s. BYU!!!

Oh, and... Halloween is not a thing here... or day of the dead... haha that was a sad notice for me... oh well, I can give people a treat with the gospel!! Love you all!

Monday, October 21, 2013

che he te'teri

hola, como estan? todo tranquilo aqui en mi area! voy a escribir una carta para ustedes, y espero que disfruten
1. I have fallen in love again with the book of Mormon! I am amazed at the doctrine that it teaches! Almost 600 years before Christ, the prophets knew his name. For all of this time, the people looked forward to his coming! His coming was all that the worthy people wanted! They were obedient, and strove to do what was right! They worked hard to stay a people of the lord. We can learn so much from them.
2. Porter and dad tell me a lot to read with my investigators, and that is something that we tried to do this week. We read form the best chapters, including Alma 7 and 3 Nephi 11 and moronic 10 with lots of people! They all loved it, and are trying to find an answer if it is true. I know that it is true, and I want so badly for them to know it too! So my question for you all is... do you know it is true?? Find out for yourself!! (Even dad, you can pray again to know if it is true)
3. I am struggling to remain focused with my companion. He loves oldies in English... and is always singing songs like... "I see skies of blue..." or "have you ever seen the rain..." haha and these songs always are in my head... that is something bad. I am trying to remain focused, but aflkeñjaielfmae... it is hard.
4. I love elder goody, he is such a good missionary. We can teach together so well! I am dreading this next transfer, one, because I most likely will be going, two, because I will never be companions with him again, and three... we have so many good investigators right now!! So many!!
5. I was struggling in a study session this week, and couldn’t focus. I needed to use the bathroom, so of course I went to grab a liana to read... hahahahahaha... and it was a really good one! About the book of Mormon!! There was an article in it that was amazing, about the love of Christ that is shown in the book! You should all read it! It is by elder nelson, and it is the ensign of October 2011!
6. I am at a loss on what to say... we are having great success with lessons, and finding people, and all of my converts are doing well, but we are not finding baptisms!! I know I am crazy for baptisms, but that is because I know that these people can’t receive salvation without it!! Pray for them, please!!
7. I love the people here, they are so great! More than the people, I love the mission! I love serving people every day, with something that I love. I really do know that god has love for all of us, and that he wants us to be happy. This happiness is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
8. Guillermo had a great quote this week that I am going to share with you all to end my terrible letter... "I want to be like Jesus Christ. And also, Bob Marley." you have a week to let me know what that means... haha I love you all,

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

¿Hola, como están?

Hey there family! I love you all!
1. Guillermo!! I have a great story for you all! This week, we had a day that started off really hard. No one was in there house, and all of our plans fell. I was really disheartened, and I told my companion that I was a little upset. I said nothing else can go wrong, and in that moment I dropped my agenda, on accident. I was really upset, and fuming, but my companion in that same time looked back to see what was wrong, and saw a door. He went right away to knock, and within 2 seconds, we saw a 14 year old boy, with a huge smile! He told us that he wanted to listen, so we went in his house and had a great lesson 1. he asked questions like, "but how can I know that he was a prophet?" he also said, "this is so new, but if the church of Christ fell after the death of the apostles, of course this was needed!" haha we can basically say that he is a great investigator! He left his church early yesterday to come with us! He read in 3 Nephi 11, and said that he could imagine it. We talked a little about it, and showed him the picture in the book of Mormon for this story, and he said "that is same picture that was in my mind." haha he is prepared!!
2. I love this work. I was reading in the scriptures this week, and noticed that a lot of times it says that this is a great and marvelous work, something that is the truth!! I know that! This week I saw miracles every day! We have been trying to find people with our contacts that are ready to listen, and I think that we have found at least 2 or 3 every day. So many people here are ready to listen to the gospel!
3. I had one of my investigators give her testimony yesterday, and she did it with power!! I was so happy!! Haha she talked about prophets, and how she listened to conference and received an answer to her prayers and questions! She is one of those people that were prepared for us to teach!!
4. I am convinced that the lord wants us to be happy. So... be happy! I am glad that I have this opportunity to serve in Paraguay! This week I realized something. I love my area! When I think about my mission in the future months, I think about time here in coronel Oviedo! I feel like Ammon with the king. I would live here for all of my life, if you all were here! Haha but I have fallen in love with the people in Paraguay! I love this opportunity to serve among the chosen people of god here in Paraguay!!
5. I am sad to hear about this missionary from victor. Pray for his family. He doesn’t need help, he is with god. I am glad that we have this knowledge that we can be families forever! We never know what will happen tomorrow, so live today like you were going to see god tomorrow!! I love you all! Be safe, and go and show someone your love!!

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Che Paraguayo y Te Coanga

Haha I love using Guarani for my subjects!! So funny! I love you all, and am glad I can write you all today. I hope I can strengthen your testimonies with my words today. I am safe and happy, and... Here.. we... go...
1. I don’t know if I have said this yet, but I finish my journal almost every day with the phrase "I love the Lord." This week I read in 2 Nephi 4, which are the words of Nephi. I loved it. I listen to this song; I love the lord, while reading the words in the Scriptures! I am so blessed to have him as my savior and redeemer! You should all try reading this chapter! You will feel so inspired I just know it! President Uchtdorf in the ensign has a quote, "God created the universe for you." Holy cow! We are so important to god! Why?? Haha because we are sons and daughters of God! (Also, if you turn to 2 Nephi 4, why not read chapter 9 too! it is amazing!!)
2. Something that I learned in conference this weekend was an overall theme. I think that a lot of the prophets talked about how terrible this world is. We live in hard times. There are so many difficulties and sadness’s, so many things that just don’t seem right. We have two options. We can be sad and angry, like Satan wants, or we can be happy and loving, like the Lord wants us to! We will all experience sadness, but also we have the lord on our sides! President Eyring said something like "god will always love us." so simple but true. God will always love us. There is nothing I can do that will change that. It is the same with you all!
3. I am especially grateful for the talk by Elder Ballard. He talked about the mission work, but he also talked about prayer. He said, essentially, that prayer is really important. I am not going to lie; I was a little bit irritated Saturday night. We had an investigator flat our lie and not come to conference. We called him and said yeah, 5 minutes... and then didn’t come. I was still upset on Sunday morning during my personal study. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and felt inspired to go to Alma 26. This was a blessing from god. In my short time in my mission, I have been blessed to meet amazing people, and god has brought them to the church. They are now members, and are some of my best friends. This chapter is the words of Ammon about his converts. I was in tears. Verse 22 talks about what I can do to be better as a missionary and one of the things is to pray continually. I thought that was interesting, and I turned to read in true to the faith about prayer. (There is a phrase that says if you don’t feel worthy to pray, pray until you feel worthy- I liked that) It says in this section that we need to pray out loud sometimes, and I took it as a sign. I went to the other room to finish my study, and I prayed. It was amazing. I know that god listens and answers our prayers. I received so much comfort in this prayer. I am so glad that I am loved of God. I hope this experience inspires you all! Go somewhere personal and quiet, and pray. Talk with your heavenly father, and give thanks. Ask for help. He will give you blessings!
4. I watched all of conference in Spanish. Remember that storm from the other week? Yeah, it destroyed the satellite. So we had to listen to the internet. Not watch, listen. It was amazing to me. It was way different, that is for sure, but the people here were smiling. I was a little bit surprised. They are so happy to hear the voice of someone else who is saying what the prophet is saying. But it wasn’t his voice. That is real faith. They will probably never meet him, or see him in real life. They will probably never hear his real voice (and understand him), but they know he is a prophet, and they know that he speaks for god. They do what he says. So amazing!
5. I love Paraguay! So many blessings here!! So many great people! I love the Lord. HE loves me!
I love you all! Apply the words of the prophets, and read the scriptures. Pray. You will be happy!! I love you. Given um Heaven!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tranquilidad Total...

I love you all, and I love this chance to share experiences with you. Forgive me if my letters are bad, and really disorganized... I just have SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS WORK!! (As is evident with the caps lock.)
1. I have a new companion!! Elder Godoy is from Buenos Aires, and he is so awesome! He was in a band before, and loves music! He is 21, and has a little over 9 months in his mission. He is district leader, and loves to eat. He eats more than me, and faster than me. Something I didn't think I would find here in Paraguay!!
2. I have to admit, before with elder Arredondo, I was a terrible missionary. I had fears of talking with people, and lots of times I just let him talk. He liked to talk. This is something that has changed a lot this week. I had been praying for more confidence, and really wanted to change... well I did. I think that this transfer was an answer from god. Truly an answer to prayers. I, the other day, had a discussion with a 66 year old missionary from a different church... we talked for a really long time about scriptures, and the need for a restoration, and all of this jazz... well she ended up getting mad, and said I don’t want to hear it, I have a party to attend, and just walked away. I thought it was funny. I hope I taught with love, I think I did, but I realized that one day, she will thank me. I need to have this confidence always with me, because I am the arm of Christ in Coronel Oviedo right now. (That sounds really stuck up, but it is scriptural! Doctrine and Covenants section 35!)
3. I ate cow head this week. It was... so good! I am telling you guys, you need to try this! Just take a cow head, cut it in pieces, and cook it like a roast! It was amazing! Haha we are trying to eat more with investigators and members, because 1, we don’t have tons of money, and 2, it is a great way to build friendships.
4. I had a really crazy experience with a girl this week. Don’t worry, I am still worthy. We found a partial family, and we were talking about baptism, and how everyone needs it, well... one of the daughters grabbed my arm and said "please, baptize me" in a really scary voice!! I was rather scared, and my companion and I practically ran! Haha but we are going to teach them again this week. I am planning on sitting really far away from her!
5. We were contacting the other day, and we passed a house that looked good to me. But I didn't stop. I just kept going. Then, 5 minutes later, I couldn't handle the guilt anymore and we went back. A 20 year old came out to talk to us, he practically begged me to teach him. Haha he was so ready to listen to the message, but we only had 10 minutes until our next lesson, so we just kind of introduced ourselves. Right after I thought about how in preach my gospel it says to always connect lessons to lesson 1, and how we didn't. My comp had the same thought. Sadly, we still haven’t found him again. We pass by every day, or call him, and no answer. I really wish I would have taught lesson 1, and I hope I will find another opportunity to teach him.
6. I read today in 2 Nephi 2! It is so awesome this chapter! So much doctrine. I don’t really know why, but it just really inspired me! We have the choice as humans to choose good or evil, right or wrong, and Christ of Satan. We have this choice. Every one of us is prepared to make the choice, whether we know it or not. We are choosing every day to follow Christ or to follow the savior!! I sure hope I am following Christ! Something I really liked about this chapter, that was new, is found in the last verse! It talks about how lei are teaching these things for the good of his sons. It is the same with prophets today! They are teaching us things of god, and with their messages, we are learning what god wants us to learn! And with this idea...
7. General Conference!!! I am so stoked for this Saturday and Sunday!! It is going to be so awesome!! I am a little bit torn though... watch it in Spanish, or in English. I have the choice. Haha I think that both are good, but it is something that is on my mind really hard right now. I will probably just go with my feelings on Saturday and Sunday... but still... uoaipef
8. I read something really interesting in the conference addition of the ensign from April! It is in the talk of elder cook about peace! He talks about how the missionaries in the world right now are helping bring peace to the world. Because peace is only found in Christ. I believe that to true. I am a worker of peace, hurray!! But really, you all should read this talk! It is really great, and really applies to everyone!!
9. I am so blank in my mind right now... but I think that I have covered it all! I love you all, and will write you is o is next week with tons of exciting/joyful/great/interesting/happy news!  I love you all!

Elder Chelson, giv´n um heaven...

Oh, and Emily.. good luck this week with DYW!! i love you and you are going to do great!! scream really loud for me everyone!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

I am Free!!! (from my training!)

I am officially done being trained! hahaha i am so happyª with training, there is an extra hour of studies, and it has been a really hard hour for me these last few weeks! hjaha i just want to serve! i realize studies are important, but two hours is a little bit long! i guess that was just bad attitude!! Anyways...
1. i had 3 baptisms this week!! hurray!! Marta and Cecy montiel, and a man named ONofre! they are literally goldenª! they were prepared for us before we talked to theme! they are proof that the lord works on our hearts all the time!! so great!! I felt the spirit so strongly on Saturday during the service, and i am really happy for them!
2. Marta fed us lunch yesterday, and before we started eating, she gave a little speech.. it was a little awkward to start with, but so very spiritual! she thanked us for giving her the gospel, and giving her and her daughter hope and joy. with tears, she finished. i am so glad i can wear the name of the savior over my heart, and i can talk with people about he thing that gives us the most joy possible!! I Love the lord!!
3. Our sacrament meeting was really awesome on Sunday! we had the three confirmations, and we had two elders speak! the  first was elder call! he is the zone leader, and this is his last transfer, he goes home Wednesday. he is from Idaho Falls, so you should try to find him! he spoke about the simple things in the gospel, prayer, scriptures, church., so powerful! i was so grateful for him!! the other was my companion. he has been here from 5 cambios, or 7 and a half months, and the people love him. he is going to be transferred, we think, which means i will have more time in this area! i like that idea! i love the area and the people here! HE talked about the love of god for us. he said "god is always with us, no matter what we do, he is with us." i believe that god wants to be with us, and based on our decisions, he can be with us forever! that is why we have baptism, to take the name of Christ upon ourselves! i love that!
4. I finished the book of Mormon in Spanish this last week!! so awesome!! i can not explain how happy i am with that!! I said a prayer afterwards, following the words of Moroni, and i received an answer! the book of Mormon is true in English, and it is true in Spanish. i know that without  a doubt!! i Love the book of Mormon! i love the teachings of the prophets in the book! they all talk of the truth! i can turn to the book of Mormon everyday, and learn something that i needed to learn. i invite you all to read the book of Mormon, everyday, and if you already are doing so, keep it up! the lord will bless you for it!!
5. how are the sports going?? boskies football, em and her soccer, and nat and her cross country, is she doing cross country, wow i am disconnected! haha
6. we had interviews with president agazzani this week, and it was awesome! he has very little questions, but his go to question is " are there any commandments, rules, or laws that you are struggling with?" that pretty much covers it all. haha he is really funny, and he gave me great advice about my work! he gave me a way to use my questions to build confidence in me and the gospel! i have applied it, and it is looking good! i know that he is called of god, to help us here as missionaries!
7. Saturday night was one of the scariest nights of my life. at about 10:34, yes i should have been sleeping, but there was a storm, that literally shook the building, the power went out instantly, and we looked out the window, and saw lightning almost every second! cars were swerving in the wind, and the rain was parallel with the ground! then, it started hailing! signs for businesses were torn apart! it was crazy! the wind was so bad that three members of the branch had there roofs blown off! and a lot of roofs were torn apart with the hail! i prayed so hard for our safety. then my comp said something interesting " i am worried for all of the people who don't have strong houses, i think i will pray for them." i felt like a jerk! i really applied heleman 5:12 with this storm! God has so much power, and can help us in these storms. but Satan has power too, and he will try to destroy us! i am glad i have this chance to serve here, and to help peoplebuild there lives upon Christ!!
8. I had a really bad cold this last week, and am still struggling with the after shocks, can you pray for my health?
9. I love the lord so much! i am blessed beyond belief to be here in Paraguay!! he watches over me and protects me, and i know he protects all of you! there is so much safety in the gospel, and i hope you all are staying in the gospel! there is no other option. only one truth. 4-2=2, not 3, and the gospel is the same. wickedness never was happiness, and never will be.
10. Filipians 4:13 is an awesome verse! it says, in spanish "todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece." I love it so much! and i am going to apply it!
I love you all, be strong, safe, and healthy! Keep praying for me, and for yourselves! the lord invites us to do so! read everyday in the scriptures, and always watch  your thoughts! I love you all!

Given them heaven, Elder Chelson

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was so awesome!! i hope i can remember all the things i want to write... i don't know if i can! one thing i want to make sure to write... the lord loves us all!
1. Confidence!! Asa missionary, i think this is my biggest weakness. i have close to 0 confidence! I don't know what it is, but sometimes i just feel like i am terrible at my job. I am here to tell you that i learned a lot this week about it. I was reading in the scriptures about this exact thing, because i want to change it. I read in Proverbs 3;5-6, and in  2 nefi 4, and in so many other parts of the scriptures, and i learned so much about this idea. the lord wants us to have confidence in him. He wants us to know that in him, all things are possible! i know that for sure! i was talking with my district leader this Friday at a branch activity, and he said the only thing holding me back from being like ammon is this confidence. My zone leader told me on Thursday night that i don't need to fear, because i am a missionary. he said "forget it, and work." how great is that. we can apply that to our lives really well,. forget everything else, and serve the lord.
2. this is an idea really great! forget the world and serve the lord. sometimes that is hard. this world is a crazy place, and really it is hard to be apart from it. but that is one of the greatest blessing s of being a missionary! i don't have to worry about the world, i can just serve the lord. This week during divisions, i was in the area of the district leader. his companion and me taught lots of people.. but they all had one question for me. "what does this song say?" they proceeded to play songs like sexy and i know it, or sexy back, or lady gaga... and i always said that 1. i cant listen to this and 2. i will not use these words. it was really a surprise to hear the lyrics of these songs.. i am not saying they are bad, but they are not exactly part of the lords work. i think it is good to remember that we are part of this world, but not in the world. May we try harder everyday to come close to Christ.
3. WE had a goal this week to work with less actives, one of which is the ex president of the branch. he has been inactive for almost 8 months, and we are starting to see the effects. he has lost hope. the light in his eyes is gone. he doesn't want to go to Church, and doesn't want to recognize his testimony. it is really sad, and i am not going to lie it is something that i am worried about. i Hope i never become inactive. we see in the book of Mormon the fall of a great people! i think it is Mormon 6:19 that really explains my feelings about this... ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!...  this verse really just explains so well how i feel about this situation. May be strengthen our testimonies in the gospel everyday through prayer, reading the scriptures, and focusing on the savior!
4. I have been teaching a family this last week, and they are so great! one of the families prepared of the lord for this message! we have taught all of the lessons, and are now just waiting for there baptism. Anyways, we were talking about prophets with them, and i read the "see ya later" from President Monson in the last conference! holy cow i cannot explain the spirit that i felt when i read it! he is a prophet, called of god, to help us all! he has great advice for all of us when he invites us to have love for everyone, not just members, but all of our friends of different religions. I reminds me of 2 nephi 31:20, where it says we need to press forward in faith, with love for god and love for all men. this love is the love we all need. it is part of the endure to the end. May we have this love for all of our friends, and with this love, share the Gospel! i love the people here in Paraguay, and with this love, i want to give them my knowledge of the savior!! SO great!!
5. I am going to finish the BOOK OF MORMON IN SPANISH!! this week.. i am so excited! i love the words of the prophets, and really love the words of the savior! his visit to the nephites in 3 nephi is something i want to apply to my life. we can teach so much with this part of the book, it is literally the center piece of the book! so interesting how everything works in the book, and in turn in our religion, because of this story!
6. this gospel changes lives people!! i am seeing right now with an investigator! there is this man, of 70 years of age. he has drank his whole life, from the time he was 12 or 13, and when i say drank, he is like a pass out in the lawn type of drunk! he accepted us for lessons, and after we taught the word of wisdom, he said simply.. "i am going to change." he, from that time on, has not touched alcohol. not one time. he changes his life with just two or three lessons, and FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. he is showing us the doctrine of Christ. he had faith, changed his life (repentance is a simple change to be more like Christ or follow his teachings), and he is going to be baptized this next week! he wants to follow the example of the savior, and is really just doing awesome!
7. I love this work, I finish my journal everyday with a phrase similar to.. "i love the Lord/mission/Gospel/church. haha everyday! i really am just amazed by the blessing this mission is! I cannot tell you how many times i have felt the love of the savior in my life, and seen it in the lives of others! Someone said something in their email kinda interesting, that i hadn't changed. i hope that is wrong. i hope i have changed to become more loving of others, and more strong in my faith. i hope i have changed to where when someone sees me in the street, they can know that i am special, i am a witness, a believer, and that i love the lord!

I ran out of time. so much i learned this week. Keep up the prayers, i need them all! haha i am in the lords hands, and he is working his miracles through me!! love you all! Given them heaven!! Elder Chelson

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey there Everyone!!

The sun is shining, the people are the streets, and i am here writing you all! haha i don't have much time today, so i apologize already for this terrible letter! I will have so many stories to tell someday!!
1. I love the Lord. This week he really helped us alot with the work! we had over 20 lessons this last week, which is just crazy! TO show how the lord really helped us, i am going to talk about Thursday! Thursday, we went out to work, and wanted to visit a really great investigating family, but it is all women in this house, and we didn't have a male to help us. we had a feeling to pass by anyways.. and in there house was a friend, who is a guy! we taught about obedience, and they all said they want to be baptized! then we went to visit a less active family, but they weren't in their house, but as we were leaving, they pulled up in there car! we talked, and invited them to Church! then we went to visit a recent convert, selustiana! she said to her daughter `why don't those missionaries come anymore`, and literally twenty seconds later we were in her house! she came to Church and helped us with an investigator yesterday!! then, we went to visit other families, but no one was home, it was about 9, so we started walking home. we walked really fast, and didn't know why, but when we were about 20 steps from our house, we saw another investigator, and had a conversation bout his reading of the Book of Mormon!! he knows it is trueªª so crazy! haha the lord guided us like that all week! I know this is his work!!
2. I was a little bit sick, ok, really sick, on Saturday, but it was a really important day! we needed to invite lots of people to church, and there was a baptism service! I said a prayer before we left the house for health.. i don't know how, but i worked all day, without weakness! the lord answers prayers people, this is just another example of that! O and just so you all know, it is empanadas that make me sick here! and it just so happens that empanadas is the main food source here in Paraguay! haha looks like i will have a fun tow years!! :)
3. I am in 3 Nephi right now, and i love the book of Mormon! i am looking forward to the chance to say... i have read this grand book in English, and in Spanish, and in both languages, i know it is true!! so wonderful!
4. I have realized this week, even more than before, that there are people here just begging for the gospel! one example is a lady and her daughter, who have a fruit store named after the virgin! haha we passed by this house for almost three months, and never stopped because it looked un promising! We stopped to ask a question, and the lady begged us to teach her and her daughter!! we were all like... well if you want us to... i guess we can... haha and we taught lesson 1 with lots of energy! i love it!
5. this week in the training process, i have to be the senior comp!! i am not ready for that! haha but i think the lord can help me!
6. We had a zone training meeting this week!! it was awesome! we talked about a successful missionary! I have a secret for you all, it isn't numbers!! the lord doesn't call me every week and ask about my new investigators, but he does require that i work with diligence and all my heart! that was what i learned! an awesome quote of Presidente Agazzani!! he said, there is a difference between a successful missionary and a missionary with success. powerful i think!! I loved it! I love this mission! i cannot think of a better place for me to be right now! the lord is using me, and i am so lucky to have this chance! i am so undeserving of this, but thelord has put his trust in me, and i will not let him down! I AM A SERVANT OF THE LORD!! I HAVE BEEN CALLED OF HIM, AND I WILL SERVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART, MIND AND STRENGTH! I WILL NOT LET HIM DOWN.
7. i may have gone a little extreme with number 6. sorry.
I really am sorry for this terrible letter! i will try to be better with my next ones!!
I love you all!!
Given them heaven!!

Elder Chelson

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lord´s Work!

Hello everyone! I am alive and well, and i love you all!
1. I have a little bit of a story to share. This last week, we had a great week of lessons, so many people were accepting us, and the new investigators from the week before were progressing! I was thinking in my head a little, yeah... we are doing good... then Saturday came... We had 11 people preparing for baptism for the 14th of this month, and on Saturday, we had 2 say... never mind.. then on sun day, the other 9 all said the same. We went from having so many people, more than everyone else in our district, to having none. Literally nothing. I was really quite sad, and really was in need of a lift. Usually food does it for me, but i was fasting so that wasn't an option. The zone leaders were an answer to my need. They came in our room during our study, and with alot of excitement told us to read the first chapter of Preach my Gospel! What a great chapter! IT talks about all things mission, and one part that really stuck out to me was the power and authority of our calls!
2. I was reading today in Heleman 5;18, and this verse talks about power and authority! It was so great to connect the two! I love the example of the missionaries of the book of Mormon! i want to be more like them! This verse is incredible! The power and authority of m y mission call is so great! President Eyring reminds us that "our hands are the lords hands, and our voice is the lords voice." This really shows the need for us to go out and serve, and teach, and bare testimony!Ç
3. Speaking of testimonies... yesterday in fast and testimony meeting i bore my testimony about prayer without any errors in my Spanish! Prayer is great, and you all know that, but i had an interesting thought. Our Church was founded and restored because of a prayer of a young man. Also, our testimony of the book of Mormon is found through prayer! Prayer is so great! we have a father in heaven who is....GRAND!!! AND POWERFUL!!! yet he still finds each and everyone of us important enough to listen to every word of our prayers! I love that, and i am really grateful for it! What love he has for each and everyone of us!
4. IT was really hot here this week. I am pretty sure i have never felt this kind of heat before in my life! IT is crazy! And today, the streets are literally flooding! haha it is raining pretty hard here, and well, it is really fun! With the heat, the streets of the city were really full of people the last two nights, and all of them were drinking and smoking, with loud music and dancing, really crazy! I was reminded that i am not of the world. the world is really crazy, i am glad for this chance to serve outside of the world. It is interesting though, that with the rain, everyone has changed there attitude. It is more tranquilo y calm now. The lord can do that, in our lives, with something with water... (baptism) haha just a missionary thought!
5. How is school going for everyone? I want to know this!
6. oh emmy.. be careful! I will pray for you lots this week, but be careful! You are busy right now, but i can promise you that if you will pray and read your scriptures everyday, the lord will give you time! always have the lord first!
7. SO... BYU... :( next time!
8. AN interesting fact about Paraguay that is connected to the Three amigos. In Paraguay the word guapo means worker. SO, everyday i am called "guapo!" Haha it is really funny, and i laugh every time!
9. My companion said one of the funniest things htis last week! We were walking down the street and this little boy yelled "hola mormones!" like everyone does here in the streets, and Elder Arredondo just turned to him and said "que tal.. catholico.." and the kid was shocked! it was really funny. But a lesson with this.. we don't need to categorize others by religion. We have a lot of people say that they would love to listen, but thru are catholic, or evangelico, or testigos de jevoha.. who cares! they are children of god! i love telling them that we can share with everyone, because we know it will bless everyone!
10. I love you all, and want you to know that i know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! I love him, so much. Mom, you wrote me a letter and put it in my scriptures the day before i left. in this letter you told me teach people about the love of Christ for them. How beautiful that is. I am doing just that! I love you all!

¡les doy cielo! ELder Chelson

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello family! I love you all, and once again... my letter will be terrible this week, so sorry!
1. How is Grandpa Doc doing, I don’t know why, but he has been on my mind this week! Oma... tell him hello!
2. I had an awesome week as far as new investigators! We had 16! that is awesome, but the best part is the prayers that were answered. The prayers of our companionship were all about this need, and god answered us. I know, and testify, and promise., that God listens and answers our prayers. Think about it.. a chance to talk to god.. Awesome! (Enos 1)
3. With all of the new investigators, we thought the chapel would be filled yesterday. We were wrong. 32 people. That is about half of what it usually is. WE didn’t have any investigators there, which was.. a heart break. Dad this is my story. I was sitting in the chapel, moping around with a frown, when I read Heleman 5:12. I don’t know why I read it, but it really hit me strongly. WE HAVE THE LORD: we have no reason to fear, or to be sad. The foundation of the Savior is... amazing (Jacob 4:16). I thought about the rock at the cabin after I read this verse. IT is a huge rock, but it is nowhere close to as big as the rock of our savior. He promises us that if we build on this rock, we will not fall. No matter what. A really awesome example of this is...
4. Doctrine and COnvantes (is that right in English?) 122. Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail, and he received this revelation. this 9 verses are awesome, and really sad, but so true. There is nothing in this world, no pain, no sorrow, no struggle, that the Savior does not understand. HE is always there to help. I was really sad about the investigators, but when I thought about the savior, and how sad he is... it is not even close. The lord has given us this invitation, to come unto him. HE suffered for us, and still millions and billions of people reject him. Because if we aren’t of his fold, we are against him. What a blessing to be in his fold.
5. The lord has room for more people in his foundation. We have an investigator, who randomly is the best friend of one of our converts! she told us this yesterday. Everyone has a friend, who can hear the gospel and change their life. Who is yours? Change their life. I can think of a lot of people that I really want to have the gospel... but I was always afraid to talk about it. Don’t be afraid. just do it!
6. Any update on my Debit card??
7. Oh my goodness, shad in Hamilton!! Haha  that is awesome. Good luck ross and Micah en your missions! serve the lord with all your heart and he will change your heart.
8. I studied about commandments this week for part of my "training". I love them. They are so simple I don’t know if I already talked about this, but I am going to again if I have. I was thinking about how people don’t follow the commandments and how I couldn’t figure why. then I thought about mom and my senior pictures. Mom, you asked me for months, well.. a year.. to get my senior pictures, and I never did it. Why not, because it was effort. IT is the same excuse for everyone else and the commandments. With the pictures, mom would be happier, and would give me a lot of blessings. she could trust that I would do as she asked. I failed. The lord promises us blessings, and well, the lord has the ability to give us anything we want. He will be happy, and trust us... if we will just keep the commandments. "keep the commandments.. in this there is safety and peace.." so true!
9. haha this week.. I learned the word in Guarani for hot.. jaku... and the next day I learned the word for cold.. ereuh.. haha so I guess the weather here is a lot like Idaho!
10. Good luck everyone with school! Be safe, be smart, be healthy, have fun, because soon.. it will be done!
11. I should be a poet!
12. I had a three amigos moment this week. There was a joke during a lesson, and everyone was laughing.. and I was just thinking.. what did they say?? but I wanted to fit in, so I just started laughing, and soon I was the only one laughing. it was really hilarious!! haha the three amigos is really popular with missionaries, and we all talk about it a lot!
13. I hate Taylor Swift. Everyone here asks me about her songs, and what the lyrics mean, and if I have ever seen here. let me just tell you, the lyrics are not as catchy in Spanish. haha it is even worse with Justin Bieber. Sorry Morgan!!
14. Aunt Libby! hay un equepo de futbol se llama Libertad... I always think of you with that!
15. boskie, congrats on football man! be strong, and hit someone really hard! I was never good at football. just remember to have fun!
I love you all, and pray for you all a lot! be safe!!
Given them heaven!

Elder Chelson

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love the Lord!!!

Holy cow another week! I am glad I can share some of my experiences with you all, and if you have any questions, I will answer them... sometime!
1. This week was rather fast. I only worked 5 of the 7 days! Mondays we never work, or only work for 3 hours in the night. Wednesday.. wow. I don’t know what happened, but I think I ate a bad empanada! I was down for... 24 hours. I threw up 5 times, had problems with the bathroom, and couldn’t really stand up.. I was practically dead. I don’t know how, but I am 100% again! haha to spare the details of it all.. I lost 10 kg.. that is like 22 pounds, of weight that day! haha I think I put it back on yesterday.. so no need to fear!! I am all well now, but then. no,
2. WE have been struggling to find new investigators! I had a little bit of a hope that I would get a new companion this transfer, because my comp has been her for 6 months, and knows everyone! it is hard to contact when everyone knows you, and your message! haha but I didn’t get a new one, thank goodness!, Hahira and we are still struggling to find new people! it is crazy to me that people don’t want to accept our message! it is so beautiful! families are forever, and they don’t want that? haha but.. then I remember that they don’t know the joy of the gospel, they don’t know that all things are possible with Christ.. they don’t know. and for that, I need to tell them!
3. I have been struggling with the lack of new investigators. Really bad. a little angry. how can I teach if I don’t have people? then, yesterday, I read in chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel. I feel a little bit humbled, to say the least. It practically said that it is a matter of faith. I need more faith. Hate lord is in this work. Hate lord knows his sheep, and can help me to find them! WE prayed in our comp study to find people, and yesterday we found a really great lady, who I think will progress!
4. one of the hardest things about this mission is that everyone listens to our message, but hardly any accept it. I end every day in hopes that we found so many great investigators, and then they... just don’t accept it. I pray every day for help, and I know you all pray for me too!
5. I spoke in church yesterday!!! In Spanish! it was so bad!!!! no.. it was actually pretty good! I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t really struggle with the words. I think it was the spirit! I can’t speak Spanish, the Holy Ghost can. I have learned that lesson during my mission! For sure, the holy ghost speaks to people!
 I really don’t have much to write about this week... with my sickness, and with no investigators, so I think I will write my testimony of the book of Mormon!
THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. I know this without a doubt. It is a gift from god. the words are true, and can help us! I love the words of the prophets, all of which testify of Christ. It is through this book that I learned that he is my savior. I would not be here in Paraguay without it. I love Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Ammon, Alma, Amulek, Aaron, Moroni, King Benjamin, Kind Mosiah, all of these great men. they are my heroes and my friends. I invite you all, tonight, to read a little bit of the book, and after to pray, and strengthen your testimony of the truthfulness of the book! It will surprise you how your will feel! I know, with all of my heart and soul, that it is true!

sorry this letter was so lame.. I am terrible! I will try to be better next week! Oh.. and pictures! I think I can send some of them...
 I love you all! Given them heaven!
Elder Chelson

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hola Familia!

Wow, what a great week! I have seen so many amazing things, and learned so much, just in these 7 days!
1. We had another baptism! The mom of two of the converts from last week was baptized this Friday. She is so funny! She, like almost all the people here, has like three teeth. haha she is like my mom here in Paraguay! she feeds us all the time, and wants us to visit everyday! i love her! I was so happy at her baptism, because her and her daughters were happy! i know that the gospel is the way to happiness!
2. I had a little scare before the baptism... we lost the keys to the font. haha for hours and hours we searched, and in the end we ended up just breaking in! haha i took it as a lesson. I always want to be worthy to have the priesthood, so that i can always baptize. I don't want to "lose my keys".
3. One of our converts from last week decided to leave her family and go live with her boyfriend. Less than 10 days of cleanliness... ugh. we are trying with her, and today we will teach 2 Nephi 31. The gospel is a life, not a one time action. that is for sure. I think it will work! haha
4. I found a great scripture! Alma 23:7. IT is great for all the people who want to be closer to Christ, but cant. IT says that they left all of there weapons of rebellion. It is about the anti-nephi-lehis. If we want to be closer to god, we need to leave our weapons. These weapons are anything that is contrary to god. IT can be TV, computers, phones, sports, friends, etc. Anything that takes us from god is against god. I know that i have a lot to change, and a lot to leave behind. I work on it constantly. Everyday.. ugh it is hard. But repentance can be hard. Salvation is not easy.
5. with that i thought of a phrase of President openshaw from the CCM about learning Spanish.. "pray for help. He wont just let you speak right away, but he will make it easier." The lord can help us, if we let him. The atonement is for all who accept it. Wow, so beautiful!
6. Thanks to sarah thueson, who sent me a package for christmas in July! I got it is august, but I am still thankful for it! If one of you could tell her thanks, and that her testimony was desperately needed by me today, I would be thankful!
7. You know the videos of Florida, during a hurricane with tons of wind and rain... I experienced that on Friday. I was walking, and all of a sudden, I was almost thrown off my feet. I am not kidding when I say this. I was shocked! haha and a umbrella does nothing in this situation, because the wind is explosive! Heleman 5:12 has a different meaning to me know. Wow. How blessed we are to have a strong foundation. I love Christ.
8. This is the last day of my first transfer in Paraguay! I am so glad for the things i have learned during this time. I find it so hard to believe that it has been this much time! IT is crazy!
9. Porter, you sent me a Dear Elder... and it had some of the best words I have ever read. I needed to read it. It was about how the Gospel can bless anyone! I wrote about it in my journal, and tears were flowing. i don't know why, but i cry alot. haha the lord has blessed me immensely!
10. This week we studied about the gospel, prayer, and the holy ghost. i love them all. I have a challenge for all of you. One day, every time you feel the spirit, make note of it. And that night, give a prayer of gratitude. You will be amazed!
11. I was watching a part of the district.. it has a missionary say "im so tired." we just laughed. haha i am glad that we don't have a car, or a bike, and that it is always hot. These things are blessings. I am not of the world, i am working in the lords work.
12. I love you all, and if I forgot to write something, I am so sorry. The lord has given me so many blessings, I could never put to words all of them. Most of the time, during my testimony, i have to just say, i love it, or it is amazing. haha it is difficult to describe, and that is why we all need to feel. Don't ever go to the point where you are past feeling. Ever!!!!
Love you all, Given um Heaven, all that jazz... Elder Chelson
p.s. I have the best family ever!

p.p.p.s. I have an elder in my zone from Chico California! HE knows the cousins! Elder Bowles!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013


This was the best week so far! I know I say that every week, but it is true!
1. I had 5 Baptisms this week! All with miracles! Two different families, 5 girls. One family had Andrea, 18 with a 3 month child, Erika, 15, Yaninna, 13. <The other family had Fatima, 13, and Ruth, 12. At the start of the week, they all said they wanted to be baptized. I cant really explain all that happened. But I can tell a few stories. Fatima- she wanted to be baptized forever, and has had a lot of temptations this week. She told us that she has lost friends, and family, because of this desire. She said that everyday she was offered beer, and once it was practically thrown at her. She withstood, and I baptized and confirmed her. Ruth- Ruth didn't know until Sunday night. I had talked to her about how she need to pray for the answer, and she did. God told her yes. She was really excited to be baptized, and will be really Strong. Yaninna- she want to serve a mission. That is right, a mission. haha she will be really Strong in the church, and already loves all the branch! Erika- i also baptized her. She said that after, she felt clean and light. I know that she is clean, and will stay clean. She is alot like Nat.. really sassy and funny! She said she wanted me to baptize her because i am a rubio! Andrea- we asked her why she wanted to be baptized, and she said that she just thought she should. She knew it was right. IT was like alma 32:21. She had a little faith, but great works! I am so happy for her and her son. HE got blessed in Church also. his life will be so much better with a knowledge of the savior everyday!
2. I am grateful for the priesthood. I was able to participate in 2 baptisms, 5 confirmations, and a blessing of the sick. I know that it is an honor to have this power and authority, something that only our church has. I love Hebrews 5:4. IT explains the sacred nature of the priesthood, I think. I am glad for it.
3. Satan is real. I am sorry to have to write about him, but he is real. He worked hard against those who were baptized, and still works on them now. But they have the holy ghost now, so I am not worried. I feel temptations everyday. IT is just easier to sin, but it is not right. I know that all of my joy in this life is because of the gospel. Every blessing. Great or small. is because of this Church. I love it.
4. Apparently the gift of tongues is real. I was told that during my confirmations and baptisms, i sounded like a Mexican... i don't know.. but i know that i pray everyday for it.
5. We had a meeting in Asuncion for all of the missionaries being trained, and my President had an awesome piece of advice. Take the good, leave the bad. With our trainers, they aren't perfect, but they have some good thing that we need in our life. With the large number of missionaries coming in the next few transferred, they said we will all be trainers, most likely. I am worried about that, but i know with the lord all is possible.
6. I was mad at my comp the other day, and he said something that broke my heart. He said that i am one of his tow favorite people in Paraguay. He said i am his best friend. I felt so terrible... it was a lesson for me on patience and love. I need more of it! I love chapter 6 of preach my gospel. it is a gage for a better life for everyone! IF you have the book, go read it, and apply it!
7. I really want some "mnm´s" if you know what I mean!
8. I love empanadas, and i think they will be the death of me. I can eat them nonstop. I was thinking the other day how great it would be if the farmers market in Washington D.C: made me some everyday... i would be so happy!
9. I have seen blessings from my setting apart come true this week, another testimony of the  strength of the priesthood!
10. We have no investigators right now, because almost all were baptized... haha so this next week we will be searching alot! pray for the people here, that need the message. Every ones life can be made better with Christ!
11. I found some songs that I think Hannah and em will like. they are about Joesph, Hyrum, and Emma Smith. i don't know the titles, but i know some of the lyrics ! "How much can one heart take" is about Emma smith, "as a lamb to the slaughter, a prophet of truth" is about Joesph, "Brother I will follow you" is about hyrum. I love the songs!
12. I know that this church, is the church of Jesus Christ. I know that god loves and knows all of us. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. It is impossible to put to words my gratitude for him. I know that Joesph smith, with a simple prayer, saw god and Jesus Christ. It changed the world. I know that with god all things are possible. Never give up hope. ever!
13. How is everything at home? any big changes or fun news? I love you all!

Elder Chelson, givin um heaven!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Week Yet!

I love you all, and here we go!
1. I experienced miracles this week! there is a family, with two daughters who were listening to our lessons, but the mom was kinda iffy about it. On Thursday we went and they said that they couldn't take more lessons, because their mom didn't like it. We were sad, bore our testimonies, and promised to take them all of the pamphlets the next day. So the next day, when we returned with the pamphlets, they were all smiles. We were confused, but they said that they talked to there mom, and she had changed her mind. WE invited the two girls to an activity at the Church on Friday, and they came with there sister. Then on Saturday, when we invited them to Church, the mom said of course! The three came to church and loved it! Then after Church, we went and taught a lesson, when the mom came and asked "what is necessary for my daughters to be baptized? they really want to, and i want it for them" hahahahahaha we are going to try for Saturday!! I know the lord answered prayers with this family!
2. Sad story- The family that came to Church last week, came again this week. BUT... only one of them wants to be baptized.. they say they aren't ready. I dont really understand that, who isn't ready to accept the savior? haha they insist, but we think that if we can get the one girl baptized, the rest of the family will follow!
3. There is a soccer team here in Paraguay, Olimpia, that is like the Yankees of America. Rich, and everyone either loves them, or hates them. They were in a final, and as long as they only lost by one point, they won the tourney. The game ended 2-0, so it was PKs. They lost the game! haha it was really funny because we were expecting a fiesta, and to not sleep, but it was dead silent! SO funny!!!!
4. I didn't visit Norma much this week, but one of the times I did, she tried to kiss me!!! I was all like... no!!!! haha it was really funny!
5. I had zone confere3nce this last week, and it was so awesome! We learned about finding, teaching, and baptizing. With finding, president agazzani talked about how everyone needs the gospel. Everyone is a child of god, and the message we have is for everyone! I love that! Hermana agazzani talked about how we need to teach with the spirit, and how with the spirit on our side, we have all we need. The assistants talked about baptism. Elder lund, whose only flaw in this life is that he hates BYU, shared a poem, that was really spiritual! He talked about how before this life, we all knew the plan, and we all accepted it. <then, we came to the earth, and millions and billions of us werent born into the Church. The moral of the story is that we need to teach everyone, and baptize everyone! We need to "find our friends". I believe that i have friends from before, brothers and sister, here in the beautiful country of Paraguay! I am here to teach them, and to baptize them, bringing them to the hope of Christ!
6. I was reading today, for personal study, Mosiah 27 and 28. IT is one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon, and I invite you all to read it this week. I love the transformation in the sons of mosiah and ALma the younger. They were wicked. Through the atonement, they were made clean, and pure. With this purity, and this knowledge, they desired to teach everyone about it! They wanted the same feeling for all of the people in the land. They taught about the knowledge of the truth, or the knowledge of the Savior. They taught the atonement. I love that!! My favorite thing to teach is the atonement. It is so complex, but really simple. I know that the atonement has changed my life! Please, all of you, don't forget that the savior loves you. You can always change, everyday we need to accept the atonement, and perfe3ct ourselves!
7. The end of the month is here, and that means no money, and no food. WHYYYY!!!!! hahaha jk, the membe3rs here are planning on killing us and selling us for money. They are fattening us up!
I don't know what more to write! I love this place. Paraguay is so simple and beautiful! The moon is so bright here, more bright than I have ever seen. I love it.
ELder Chelson!!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Long cold week!

I am sorry forthis letter. i got the worst keyboard  today! I hope you all like my letters. haha probably really scatter brained, but o well!
1. It was really cold this week! i used my coat, long johns, and long sleeve shirts everyday! so.. mom, the search was worth it! The people here are always concerned about our health, so i stay pretty warm!
2. I had investigators at church this week! it is a family named DOmingez. There are 4 members, the mom salustiania, son paulo 18, daugher fatima 15, and daughter ruth 12. HTey are so funny! haha they make fun of me alot, because of my spanish, but they are really suportive. they always laugh at me because my hair is golden  in the light, and apparently i look celestial! hurray! haha they are so accepting of our message it is crazy! they are an answer to prayers. because...
3. my comp was really down this week. he has worked here in this area for 5 months, with hardly any success. he wants to do good, but no one wants to be baptized. i prayed this week for him, and then we found this family! I love it!
4. I have been trying to listen to investigators more, instead of worrying about what i am going to say next. Elder holland said in a talk that if we will do that, the holy ghost will fill our mouths with words. It is true. It is a miricle, but sometimes we say the perfect things, without planning on it. So sweet!
5. I taught a lesson in english this last week! THere is a less active menber, who taught himself english, and wont go to church because he cant use his english there. Haha so the branch presidency asked us to go to his ho8us, and for me to teach a lesson in english. It was amazing! haha i think i could preach the gospel in english everyday, all day. BUT!!! i was asked to serve in spanish, so i am going to learn spanish to teach the people here. I love a quote that is on my bathroom wall... (dont know why)... but it says the gift of tongues is useless if we dont have a translater (the holy ghost) thyere as well. SO profound!
6. My card works, so that is good.
7. We have a zone conference this week, and president agazzani is coming! it should be really good! He is amazing! I love the man, and i have only seen him for two days, but I know he is called of god!
8. today is two months. I was looking back in my journal at the things I have learned, and i want to say that i have been tremendously blessed! I am forever closer to my savior! He is so loving, and the world needs to know taht! I am going to work 100% everyday for the poeple in paraguay to know Jesus Christ like I know him. IT is a goal!
9.I got dear elders from porter and sister loertscher today! Dear elder is awesome, you should all use it!
10. my address is...

ELder Chelson
2881 Del Maestro c/ Caballero
Barrio Herrera
Asuncion Paraguay

I love you all! Rohayhu!