Monday, October 14, 2013

¿Hola, como están?

Hey there family! I love you all!
1. Guillermo!! I have a great story for you all! This week, we had a day that started off really hard. No one was in there house, and all of our plans fell. I was really disheartened, and I told my companion that I was a little upset. I said nothing else can go wrong, and in that moment I dropped my agenda, on accident. I was really upset, and fuming, but my companion in that same time looked back to see what was wrong, and saw a door. He went right away to knock, and within 2 seconds, we saw a 14 year old boy, with a huge smile! He told us that he wanted to listen, so we went in his house and had a great lesson 1. he asked questions like, "but how can I know that he was a prophet?" he also said, "this is so new, but if the church of Christ fell after the death of the apostles, of course this was needed!" haha we can basically say that he is a great investigator! He left his church early yesterday to come with us! He read in 3 Nephi 11, and said that he could imagine it. We talked a little about it, and showed him the picture in the book of Mormon for this story, and he said "that is same picture that was in my mind." haha he is prepared!!
2. I love this work. I was reading in the scriptures this week, and noticed that a lot of times it says that this is a great and marvelous work, something that is the truth!! I know that! This week I saw miracles every day! We have been trying to find people with our contacts that are ready to listen, and I think that we have found at least 2 or 3 every day. So many people here are ready to listen to the gospel!
3. I had one of my investigators give her testimony yesterday, and she did it with power!! I was so happy!! Haha she talked about prophets, and how she listened to conference and received an answer to her prayers and questions! She is one of those people that were prepared for us to teach!!
4. I am convinced that the lord wants us to be happy. So... be happy! I am glad that I have this opportunity to serve in Paraguay! This week I realized something. I love my area! When I think about my mission in the future months, I think about time here in coronel Oviedo! I feel like Ammon with the king. I would live here for all of my life, if you all were here! Haha but I have fallen in love with the people in Paraguay! I love this opportunity to serve among the chosen people of god here in Paraguay!!
5. I am sad to hear about this missionary from victor. Pray for his family. He doesn’t need help, he is with god. I am glad that we have this knowledge that we can be families forever! We never know what will happen tomorrow, so live today like you were going to see god tomorrow!! I love you all! Be safe, and go and show someone your love!!

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

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