Monday, October 21, 2013

che he te'teri

hola, como estan? todo tranquilo aqui en mi area! voy a escribir una carta para ustedes, y espero que disfruten
1. I have fallen in love again with the book of Mormon! I am amazed at the doctrine that it teaches! Almost 600 years before Christ, the prophets knew his name. For all of this time, the people looked forward to his coming! His coming was all that the worthy people wanted! They were obedient, and strove to do what was right! They worked hard to stay a people of the lord. We can learn so much from them.
2. Porter and dad tell me a lot to read with my investigators, and that is something that we tried to do this week. We read form the best chapters, including Alma 7 and 3 Nephi 11 and moronic 10 with lots of people! They all loved it, and are trying to find an answer if it is true. I know that it is true, and I want so badly for them to know it too! So my question for you all is... do you know it is true?? Find out for yourself!! (Even dad, you can pray again to know if it is true)
3. I am struggling to remain focused with my companion. He loves oldies in English... and is always singing songs like... "I see skies of blue..." or "have you ever seen the rain..." haha and these songs always are in my head... that is something bad. I am trying to remain focused, but aflkeñjaielfmae... it is hard.
4. I love elder goody, he is such a good missionary. We can teach together so well! I am dreading this next transfer, one, because I most likely will be going, two, because I will never be companions with him again, and three... we have so many good investigators right now!! So many!!
5. I was struggling in a study session this week, and couldn’t focus. I needed to use the bathroom, so of course I went to grab a liana to read... hahahahahaha... and it was a really good one! About the book of Mormon!! There was an article in it that was amazing, about the love of Christ that is shown in the book! You should all read it! It is by elder nelson, and it is the ensign of October 2011!
6. I am at a loss on what to say... we are having great success with lessons, and finding people, and all of my converts are doing well, but we are not finding baptisms!! I know I am crazy for baptisms, but that is because I know that these people can’t receive salvation without it!! Pray for them, please!!
7. I love the people here, they are so great! More than the people, I love the mission! I love serving people every day, with something that I love. I really do know that god has love for all of us, and that he wants us to be happy. This happiness is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
8. Guillermo had a great quote this week that I am going to share with you all to end my terrible letter... "I want to be like Jesus Christ. And also, Bob Marley." you have a week to let me know what that means... haha I love you all,

Elder Chelson, given um heaven!!

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