Monday, October 7, 2013

Che Paraguayo y Te Coanga

Haha I love using Guarani for my subjects!! So funny! I love you all, and am glad I can write you all today. I hope I can strengthen your testimonies with my words today. I am safe and happy, and... Here.. we... go...
1. I don’t know if I have said this yet, but I finish my journal almost every day with the phrase "I love the Lord." This week I read in 2 Nephi 4, which are the words of Nephi. I loved it. I listen to this song; I love the lord, while reading the words in the Scriptures! I am so blessed to have him as my savior and redeemer! You should all try reading this chapter! You will feel so inspired I just know it! President Uchtdorf in the ensign has a quote, "God created the universe for you." Holy cow! We are so important to god! Why?? Haha because we are sons and daughters of God! (Also, if you turn to 2 Nephi 4, why not read chapter 9 too! it is amazing!!)
2. Something that I learned in conference this weekend was an overall theme. I think that a lot of the prophets talked about how terrible this world is. We live in hard times. There are so many difficulties and sadness’s, so many things that just don’t seem right. We have two options. We can be sad and angry, like Satan wants, or we can be happy and loving, like the Lord wants us to! We will all experience sadness, but also we have the lord on our sides! President Eyring said something like "god will always love us." so simple but true. God will always love us. There is nothing I can do that will change that. It is the same with you all!
3. I am especially grateful for the talk by Elder Ballard. He talked about the mission work, but he also talked about prayer. He said, essentially, that prayer is really important. I am not going to lie; I was a little bit irritated Saturday night. We had an investigator flat our lie and not come to conference. We called him and said yeah, 5 minutes... and then didn’t come. I was still upset on Sunday morning during my personal study. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and felt inspired to go to Alma 26. This was a blessing from god. In my short time in my mission, I have been blessed to meet amazing people, and god has brought them to the church. They are now members, and are some of my best friends. This chapter is the words of Ammon about his converts. I was in tears. Verse 22 talks about what I can do to be better as a missionary and one of the things is to pray continually. I thought that was interesting, and I turned to read in true to the faith about prayer. (There is a phrase that says if you don’t feel worthy to pray, pray until you feel worthy- I liked that) It says in this section that we need to pray out loud sometimes, and I took it as a sign. I went to the other room to finish my study, and I prayed. It was amazing. I know that god listens and answers our prayers. I received so much comfort in this prayer. I am so glad that I am loved of God. I hope this experience inspires you all! Go somewhere personal and quiet, and pray. Talk with your heavenly father, and give thanks. Ask for help. He will give you blessings!
4. I watched all of conference in Spanish. Remember that storm from the other week? Yeah, it destroyed the satellite. So we had to listen to the internet. Not watch, listen. It was amazing to me. It was way different, that is for sure, but the people here were smiling. I was a little bit surprised. They are so happy to hear the voice of someone else who is saying what the prophet is saying. But it wasn’t his voice. That is real faith. They will probably never meet him, or see him in real life. They will probably never hear his real voice (and understand him), but they know he is a prophet, and they know that he speaks for god. They do what he says. So amazing!
5. I love Paraguay! So many blessings here!! So many great people! I love the Lord. HE loves me!
I love you all! Apply the words of the prophets, and read the scriptures. Pray. You will be happy!! I love you. Given um Heaven!!

Elder Chelson

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