Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly update from Coronel Oviedo 1.2

Hey there folks!! How’s it going? I am pleased to have this chance once again to write you all!
1. This week we had a zone conference, and in the conference we talked about the atonement of Christ for all of us. President Agazzani showed us the film the atonement and mission work, and I really was moved!! I thought a lot about my work, and how I can improve, there is just so much to do!"! I am feeling a little bit stressed to do it, but I am going to take baby steps, like bob from what about bob.
2. I bore my testimony in church yesterday about the ability of Christ to cleanse us. There is an example in Matthew that talks about a leper who says, in Spanish, "Lord, if you want, you can cleanse Me." the
response of Christ is "I want to. Be clean." it is so beautiful and simple, but it is the truth. He wants to help us. Sister Christofferson, when she was here with her husband, said that Christ has blessings for us, but we can only receive them if we are ready. If there is anything you need to change in your lives, do it! Do it now.
Ask to be cleaned, and he will clean you. I know that he will help you!!
3. This week, for thanksgiving, we ate hamburgers that were a little undercooked with a juice that was a little watery. But I was happy! Haha I am thankful for this mission, and for the experiences that I am gaining. The lord is working on my heart, and I love it! Ifinished my first journal this last week, and I was reading about my experiences up to now. The lord gives me miracles every day! I think he is giving you them too! You should look for them!
4. I love my district, and I wrote my president about something this week, but it is in Spanish!! Good luck reading it!!
"elder Ramirez me pregunto algo interestante esta semana... "¿como podemos bautizar mas?" yo estudie para contestar, y yo tengo un leccion muy buena para mañana en mi reunion de distrito! vamos a hacer
la actividad que se encuentra en p. 15 de pme, en la seccion para companerismo. estamos estudiando sobre estas gran misioneros, y yo voy a preguntar que fue diferente sobre estas misioneros y nosotros.
dispues yo voy a decirles a mi distrito que necistamos aplicar los ejemplos de estes personas, y tambien capitulo 10 de pme, y con esto vamos a tener bautismos! estoy animado para ayudar a estas personas!"
5. I want you all to know that I love you, and pray for you! do you have any questions about Paraguay, my food, the people, anything? sometimes I feel like I am just writing random things... I love you

Elder Chelson :)

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