Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot dogs and good adventures!!

Hahahaha I feel like I need to explain my title! This week, we contact two guys, who were named hot dog and good adventure! Haha it was so funny!  We also contacted a guy who told us that he was never ever going to change his religion, but we still have an appointment with him this week! Hurray!! I am doing good, and am happy!!
1. I had a little bit of a sad moment yesterday. One of my converts in now drinking... and I am a little upset! It was a relapse, so we should have seen it coming. I can see how the talk of elder Scott from the last conference applies now. We are applying the atonement, but if we aren’t strong in our commitments and covenants, .like the people of Ammon, we might fall back. We are going to will with our dear brother and help him, but I felt so much dispare... I felt like I need to just hug um and be with um... but I can’t. I am praying tons right now for him!!
2. This week, we had sad experience with a baptismal interview... we had a girl who wanted to be baptized, and I was in her house to do the interview. Her dad came, and she was afraid, so she asked if we could do the interview in the church the next day. We said yes, and the next day, she called us and said that her dad wouldn’t let her leave. Her dad told he that she had two choices, be baptized, or live in the house. She is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. I am really grateful that I was raised in the gospel, and that I had the chance to learn from good parents!
3. I am now using a purse... haha the backpack thing with the heat here is terrible, so I found a bag to use like a shoulder bag, and I look mighty fine with it!
4. We finished the training of elder fox this week, and there is a really good chance that I am going to be transfered this Wednesday! I am really grateful for him and for his help for me! I needed someone like him. I am so amazed at the growth in me in these last six weeks. I can teach now! I love it! Something that I am going to miss about him is his loving nature. I hope I have a really good 4th companion too, because up to now, I have had all the best!!
5. This week, I found something that I really needed. I found my need, the thing I need to change most! I need to learn how to recognize the promptings of the spirit in my life. I feel like if I can do that, I am going to find the harry potters (chosen ones), and I will know where to go and when. How lucky am I that there is a chapter in preach my gospel for this exact thing!
6. I am looking forward to talking with you all this next week. Something you should know is that I won’t have much time. 40 minutes max, and if I use those 40, I only have 20 to write on Monday. So I think you should all send me your questions on Monday, and I will just write a little one for you all! And then when we talk, it will be really good!!
I love you all! Read your scriptures, pray, attend the temple, and do good! Be an example of the love of god through your actions, and be nice to the missionaries!!
Given um heaven!!

Elder Chelson

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