Monday, December 9, 2013

Mbe´e Chapa?

Hola familia y amigos! Como estan? Estoy muy feliz, y muy animado para escribirles!
1. This week was a rather hot one, and that is really funny because it is really cold in your houses!! Haha but because it was so hot, tons of people invited us in to have a cup of water, and to share a little. Tons don’t want to listen to a full lesson, but we sing a hymn about Christ and share Alma 7! It is pretty powerful, and in love it!
2. My converts are doing awesome!! In love that in have had so much time with them here in coronel Oviedo!! Onofre is now blessing the sacrament, and dad, like with your story, he does it so carefully, and every word has meaning! In almost cry every time he blesses it! Also, he went to the temple this week to do baptisms! In am so amazed at the change he made in his life! In am sure that the lord can change anyone, including us, to be better! I love that part of serving!
3. This week, there was something kind of like pioneer days! It was the "day of the virgin of caacupe!" haha all of the catholic community gets together to celebrate, and tons of people walk from coronel Oviedo caacupe! That is 84 km!! Haha it is funny because in think in wall that much every week, so for me it is nothing, but for them it is a huge sacrifices! In love the devotion that they have for their religion, and it made me think bout what in am doing to show my devotion. I think in can be a little bit better!!
4. My companion elder fox is really awesome!! Haha we can tease about just about anything now, and in think he will be a lifelong friend! It is weird to think that in have only known him for like 5 weeks, but already he is like that! (But in guess in have only known Morgan minds for 6 days [shoutout]) haha he was a good friend for me this week especially because i was really sick, and he just helped me a ton!! So shoutout to him too!!
5. Em, dad says that you are playing crazy good! Keep it up! Someone take a video of her, and keep it!!! Haha and now for Brigham and Nat, how are you doing? How is school going, and how is the snow?? Is Nat going to be in drivers Ed soon?? No!!!!! She is too little!!
6. I have found out something amazing about the scriptures this week, well in was reminded! They were written for our days! I am going to talk about inspired questions for my district meeting tomorrow, and I just so happened to read today in Alma 32, with tons of inspired questions!! He is an example for me! We can apply their lives with ours right now, and always there is something to change!!
7. In love you all, and was thinking about you all this past Saturdayª! We were eating with members, and there TV was on. I didn’t watch it, but jingle all the way was playing!! That was really tempting for me!! Ahh... so hard!!  love you all, and am praying for you constantly!

Love, elder Chelson :)

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