Monday, July 22, 2013

Long cold week!

I am sorry forthis letter. i got the worst keyboard  today! I hope you all like my letters. haha probably really scatter brained, but o well!
1. It was really cold this week! i used my coat, long johns, and long sleeve shirts everyday! so.. mom, the search was worth it! The people here are always concerned about our health, so i stay pretty warm!
2. I had investigators at church this week! it is a family named DOmingez. There are 4 members, the mom salustiania, son paulo 18, daugher fatima 15, and daughter ruth 12. HTey are so funny! haha they make fun of me alot, because of my spanish, but they are really suportive. they always laugh at me because my hair is golden  in the light, and apparently i look celestial! hurray! haha they are so accepting of our message it is crazy! they are an answer to prayers. because...
3. my comp was really down this week. he has worked here in this area for 5 months, with hardly any success. he wants to do good, but no one wants to be baptized. i prayed this week for him, and then we found this family! I love it!
4. I have been trying to listen to investigators more, instead of worrying about what i am going to say next. Elder holland said in a talk that if we will do that, the holy ghost will fill our mouths with words. It is true. It is a miricle, but sometimes we say the perfect things, without planning on it. So sweet!
5. I taught a lesson in english this last week! THere is a less active menber, who taught himself english, and wont go to church because he cant use his english there. Haha so the branch presidency asked us to go to his ho8us, and for me to teach a lesson in english. It was amazing! haha i think i could preach the gospel in english everyday, all day. BUT!!! i was asked to serve in spanish, so i am going to learn spanish to teach the people here. I love a quote that is on my bathroom wall... (dont know why)... but it says the gift of tongues is useless if we dont have a translater (the holy ghost) thyere as well. SO profound!
6. My card works, so that is good.
7. We have a zone conference this week, and president agazzani is coming! it should be really good! He is amazing! I love the man, and i have only seen him for two days, but I know he is called of god!
8. today is two months. I was looking back in my journal at the things I have learned, and i want to say that i have been tremendously blessed! I am forever closer to my savior! He is so loving, and the world needs to know taht! I am going to work 100% everyday for the poeple in paraguay to know Jesus Christ like I know him. IT is a goal!
9.I got dear elders from porter and sister loertscher today! Dear elder is awesome, you should all use it!
10. my address is...

ELder Chelson
2881 Del Maestro c/ Caballero
Barrio Herrera
Asuncion Paraguay

I love you all! Rohayhu!

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