Monday, July 8, 2013


Guarani baby! haha hola mi familia! mbae´laporte means how are you! haha it is useful! i am doing good everyone! I want you all to know that. I feel the lords love and support for me everyday. I see people here that need the savior, it is amazing to me. I guess i will just keep with my pattern!
1. Paraguay is beautiful! I wake up everyday to wonderful sunrises, and work during the sunset. I love it!
2. Modesty.. the ladies here do not know that word. haha im serious when I say that. That and pornography all over, are the only issues.
3. The mail system here is crazy! It costs three dollars to send a letter, but only 2.50 for 20 liters of purified water. haha 
4. My dad (trainer) is awesome! I am his first son, so he is lost at what to do with me, but he helps me a bunch. He is really patient with me, which is a blessing. I know that your prayers, as well as mine, were answered. President Igazzani, in my interview, asked me if I wanted a latino elder... I almost said no. haha but I faced my fear and said yes. I am glad I did. 
5. Snakes. Mucho mucho mucho. all over. ew ew ew ew. My trainer, elder arredondo, my first day here was telling me about a snake he found in our apartment. he said it was 5 feel long, black, and three inches thick. he said he lost it, and didnt know where it was at. I was afraid for three days, until he finally told me it was a joke.... I was so mad! haha but it is ok!
6. I only have an hour every week, so my letters will probably not be good, sorry.
7. I am actually grateful for the lack of hours of writing. I think it shows our willingness to work with the poele. I want to baptize, and by sitting on the computer, it wont happen.
8. During sacrement yesterday, the branch president said "we invite the new elder to bare his testimony, but we understand if he doesnt want to." oh, thanks president. haha I went up, and bore my testimony. I can do it fluently in spanish, which is muy bien. I love the feeling I get when I do. I told everyone that I want to teach their friends, and that I hope they can trust me with there names. 
9. Give the missionaries your friends names! THey want them!
10. Morgan Mings and Emily Chelson... you want to help the world, come to paraguay and work at clean water, or better houses. I lvoe it here, but it is really unhealthy in some areas.
11. I shou8ld say... i am in the campo, one of the farthest areas away from asuncion, so it is kinda crazy! I met a lady named Norma that only speaks guarani, and is literally crazy. She was running after me, and I was like... whaaa... and she was trying to grab the Book of Mormon from me, but my comp said no no no! I was so lost and confused, and then her boyfriend of sorts came and took her inside. Haha it was crazy! 
12. Everyone asks for pictures of our family. I always show them, and immediatly they say "que bonita" or how beautiful! They love us. haha one family wants to marry all of my sisters, so watch out! haha also, when I say i am from idaho, they all say, close to  mexico? miami? LA? NY? SLC? haha it is the honest pattern. All the members ask about President Monson, "have you seen him. what about elder holland?" I forget how blessed I am to be an american! I love it.
13. speaking of good old america... I missed the 4th! I was thinking about our family, bbq, the huge firework from last 4th, and joey chestnut all day! haha 69 in 10 minutes. Literally my hero!
14. I found one of the prettiest names the other day... Cielo. In spanish it means heaven. I dont konw why I loved it so much, but I did. It is the name of a girl who lives with a family of members, that is alot like Daniela. haha makes me miss my two amigos alot! (Shoutout)
15. A spiritual thought. Throughout history, many of the great prophets (Moses, abraham, nephi, enos, alma the younger, joesph smith) have had experiences that are marvalous. I have not, and probably never will, have an experience like them. SO what makes them so relatable to us? Action. I have noticed that all of them had to read, pray, ponder, all the primary answers, to have these experiences. SO why do we complain about the same things? if I want someone to know the book of Mormon is true, i invite them to take Moroni´s challenge. It is all about actions.
16. I love you all! Pray for me and my spanish. Pray for the people of paraguay. Pray for those that are struggling. God loves everyone, remember that!
Tranquilo Pa (todobien (all good))

Elder Chelson

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