Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Week Yet!

I love you all, and here we go!
1. I experienced miracles this week! there is a family, with two daughters who were listening to our lessons, but the mom was kinda iffy about it. On Thursday we went and they said that they couldn't take more lessons, because their mom didn't like it. We were sad, bore our testimonies, and promised to take them all of the pamphlets the next day. So the next day, when we returned with the pamphlets, they were all smiles. We were confused, but they said that they talked to there mom, and she had changed her mind. WE invited the two girls to an activity at the Church on Friday, and they came with there sister. Then on Saturday, when we invited them to Church, the mom said of course! The three came to church and loved it! Then after Church, we went and taught a lesson, when the mom came and asked "what is necessary for my daughters to be baptized? they really want to, and i want it for them" hahahahahaha we are going to try for Saturday!! I know the lord answered prayers with this family!
2. Sad story- The family that came to Church last week, came again this week. BUT... only one of them wants to be baptized.. they say they aren't ready. I dont really understand that, who isn't ready to accept the savior? haha they insist, but we think that if we can get the one girl baptized, the rest of the family will follow!
3. There is a soccer team here in Paraguay, Olimpia, that is like the Yankees of America. Rich, and everyone either loves them, or hates them. They were in a final, and as long as they only lost by one point, they won the tourney. The game ended 2-0, so it was PKs. They lost the game! haha it was really funny because we were expecting a fiesta, and to not sleep, but it was dead silent! SO funny!!!!
4. I didn't visit Norma much this week, but one of the times I did, she tried to kiss me!!! I was all like... no!!!! haha it was really funny!
5. I had zone confere3nce this last week, and it was so awesome! We learned about finding, teaching, and baptizing. With finding, president agazzani talked about how everyone needs the gospel. Everyone is a child of god, and the message we have is for everyone! I love that! Hermana agazzani talked about how we need to teach with the spirit, and how with the spirit on our side, we have all we need. The assistants talked about baptism. Elder lund, whose only flaw in this life is that he hates BYU, shared a poem, that was really spiritual! He talked about how before this life, we all knew the plan, and we all accepted it. <then, we came to the earth, and millions and billions of us werent born into the Church. The moral of the story is that we need to teach everyone, and baptize everyone! We need to "find our friends". I believe that i have friends from before, brothers and sister, here in the beautiful country of Paraguay! I am here to teach them, and to baptize them, bringing them to the hope of Christ!
6. I was reading today, for personal study, Mosiah 27 and 28. IT is one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon, and I invite you all to read it this week. I love the transformation in the sons of mosiah and ALma the younger. They were wicked. Through the atonement, they were made clean, and pure. With this purity, and this knowledge, they desired to teach everyone about it! They wanted the same feeling for all of the people in the land. They taught about the knowledge of the truth, or the knowledge of the Savior. They taught the atonement. I love that!! My favorite thing to teach is the atonement. It is so complex, but really simple. I know that the atonement has changed my life! Please, all of you, don't forget that the savior loves you. You can always change, everyday we need to accept the atonement, and perfe3ct ourselves!
7. The end of the month is here, and that means no money, and no food. WHYYYY!!!!! hahaha jk, the membe3rs here are planning on killing us and selling us for money. They are fattening us up!
I don't know what more to write! I love this place. Paraguay is so simple and beautiful! The moon is so bright here, more bright than I have ever seen. I love it.
ELder Chelson!!!


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