Monday, July 15, 2013

Semana Dos

Hola familia! SOrry if this letter is short... agh no time!
1. NOrma! Norma is this crazy lady that ran after me into the street right? well she came to church yesterday! my comp made me sit by here, and the whole time she was touching me! haha and the only time I could get her to stop was when I was singing, when she would jsut stare at me like I am josh groban! haha
2.Everyone here breast feeds! I have seen more of some of the ladies here than I have of my self. not really, but close! haha I was teaching a lady the first lesson, and right when it was "i saw a piller of light" plop. breast. hahahah i couldnt speak! 
3. 2 Nephi 33:1 says taht if a man speaks with the spirit, the holy ghost can take it to the hearts of men. James 1:5 says that if a man lacks wisdom, ask of god. Well, i lack wisdom of spanish, and am afraid to talk to poeple in spahish. I learned this week that it doesnt matter. I ask everyday that I will be able to communicate. I cant speak perfectly, but during lessons  I can usually say what I want to . It is a blessing from god. Honestly, so indescribable!
4.I used the scripture emily gave me last week! It was 8 hours after I read it that I used it! Thanks em!
5. We taught about eternal families this week, in a wierd follow the spirit lesson! I am glad that i am sealed to you all! It is a blessing that many dont have. Porter told me that when I am homesick, think of those who will be homesick aftr the judgemetn. 2 years is nothing compared to eternity!
6.Everything is really cheap here. an invicta watch is only 20 dollers, compared to 500 in the states.. i dont know why, probably fake, but still.. Wow!
7.I am getting frustrated with some of our investigators! I hate the saying, we just want to listen, not join. Peopple! this is salvation we are teaching! it is action. Faith without works is dead! ahh!! I want to baptize poeple, so they can konw that they are loved by god, and that they have a perpose! they need the love of god! Why wont they take it!!! in other words, they dont act. poop. (haha sorry about my rant!)
8.I am the only trainee in my zone, so alot of effort is being placed on me. I live in the same building with the zone leaders, and they often ask me how I am doing, and how they can help. I love them for it!
9. I had a great experience they other day, teaching a family about the first lesson. THis family was so accepting of the message, but in the end, when we were inviting them to be baptized and read the book of mormon, the mom said no. She has a church,and didnt want to change. We then bore testimony of the truthfulness of the book of mormon and of the chruch. She went into tears. The spirit was there. I know that it is true, abosolutely true. I am here to bring others to a knowledge of the atonement, so they can better their lives. I love the pattern in the scriptures of wicked men, becoming good, then preaching. I feel the same. I, like Nephi said in 2 nephi 4, am a wretched man (miserable in spanish scriptures), but I know, like alma, of the joy of forgiveness. I love when the scriptures say remember the captivity of our fathers. I was once in captivity, and I will preach the way out of that captiviy to everyone of gods children that will listen! Every one!!! 
I love you all. The church is true in the whole world, even in paraguay. Invite a friend to come to chruch, their life will change forever!
Giv´n the people heaven!! 

Elder Chelson

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