Monday, August 5, 2013


This was the best week so far! I know I say that every week, but it is true!
1. I had 5 Baptisms this week! All with miracles! Two different families, 5 girls. One family had Andrea, 18 with a 3 month child, Erika, 15, Yaninna, 13. <The other family had Fatima, 13, and Ruth, 12. At the start of the week, they all said they wanted to be baptized. I cant really explain all that happened. But I can tell a few stories. Fatima- she wanted to be baptized forever, and has had a lot of temptations this week. She told us that she has lost friends, and family, because of this desire. She said that everyday she was offered beer, and once it was practically thrown at her. She withstood, and I baptized and confirmed her. Ruth- Ruth didn't know until Sunday night. I had talked to her about how she need to pray for the answer, and she did. God told her yes. She was really excited to be baptized, and will be really Strong. Yaninna- she want to serve a mission. That is right, a mission. haha she will be really Strong in the church, and already loves all the branch! Erika- i also baptized her. She said that after, she felt clean and light. I know that she is clean, and will stay clean. She is alot like Nat.. really sassy and funny! She said she wanted me to baptize her because i am a rubio! Andrea- we asked her why she wanted to be baptized, and she said that she just thought she should. She knew it was right. IT was like alma 32:21. She had a little faith, but great works! I am so happy for her and her son. HE got blessed in Church also. his life will be so much better with a knowledge of the savior everyday!
2. I am grateful for the priesthood. I was able to participate in 2 baptisms, 5 confirmations, and a blessing of the sick. I know that it is an honor to have this power and authority, something that only our church has. I love Hebrews 5:4. IT explains the sacred nature of the priesthood, I think. I am glad for it.
3. Satan is real. I am sorry to have to write about him, but he is real. He worked hard against those who were baptized, and still works on them now. But they have the holy ghost now, so I am not worried. I feel temptations everyday. IT is just easier to sin, but it is not right. I know that all of my joy in this life is because of the gospel. Every blessing. Great or small. is because of this Church. I love it.
4. Apparently the gift of tongues is real. I was told that during my confirmations and baptisms, i sounded like a Mexican... i don't know.. but i know that i pray everyday for it.
5. We had a meeting in Asuncion for all of the missionaries being trained, and my President had an awesome piece of advice. Take the good, leave the bad. With our trainers, they aren't perfect, but they have some good thing that we need in our life. With the large number of missionaries coming in the next few transferred, they said we will all be trainers, most likely. I am worried about that, but i know with the lord all is possible.
6. I was mad at my comp the other day, and he said something that broke my heart. He said that i am one of his tow favorite people in Paraguay. He said i am his best friend. I felt so terrible... it was a lesson for me on patience and love. I need more of it! I love chapter 6 of preach my gospel. it is a gage for a better life for everyone! IF you have the book, go read it, and apply it!
7. I really want some "mnm´s" if you know what I mean!
8. I love empanadas, and i think they will be the death of me. I can eat them nonstop. I was thinking the other day how great it would be if the farmers market in Washington D.C: made me some everyday... i would be so happy!
9. I have seen blessings from my setting apart come true this week, another testimony of the  strength of the priesthood!
10. We have no investigators right now, because almost all were baptized... haha so this next week we will be searching alot! pray for the people here, that need the message. Every ones life can be made better with Christ!
11. I found some songs that I think Hannah and em will like. they are about Joesph, Hyrum, and Emma Smith. i don't know the titles, but i know some of the lyrics ! "How much can one heart take" is about Emma smith, "as a lamb to the slaughter, a prophet of truth" is about Joesph, "Brother I will follow you" is about hyrum. I love the songs!
12. I know that this church, is the church of Jesus Christ. I know that god loves and knows all of us. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. It is impossible to put to words my gratitude for him. I know that Joesph smith, with a simple prayer, saw god and Jesus Christ. It changed the world. I know that with god all things are possible. Never give up hope. ever!
13. How is everything at home? any big changes or fun news? I love you all!

Elder Chelson, givin um heaven!

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