Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello family! I love you all, and once again... my letter will be terrible this week, so sorry!
1. How is Grandpa Doc doing, I don’t know why, but he has been on my mind this week! Oma... tell him hello!
2. I had an awesome week as far as new investigators! We had 16! that is awesome, but the best part is the prayers that were answered. The prayers of our companionship were all about this need, and god answered us. I know, and testify, and promise., that God listens and answers our prayers. Think about it.. a chance to talk to god.. Awesome! (Enos 1)
3. With all of the new investigators, we thought the chapel would be filled yesterday. We were wrong. 32 people. That is about half of what it usually is. WE didn’t have any investigators there, which was.. a heart break. Dad this is my story. I was sitting in the chapel, moping around with a frown, when I read Heleman 5:12. I don’t know why I read it, but it really hit me strongly. WE HAVE THE LORD: we have no reason to fear, or to be sad. The foundation of the Savior is... amazing (Jacob 4:16). I thought about the rock at the cabin after I read this verse. IT is a huge rock, but it is nowhere close to as big as the rock of our savior. He promises us that if we build on this rock, we will not fall. No matter what. A really awesome example of this is...
4. Doctrine and COnvantes (is that right in English?) 122. Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail, and he received this revelation. this 9 verses are awesome, and really sad, but so true. There is nothing in this world, no pain, no sorrow, no struggle, that the Savior does not understand. HE is always there to help. I was really sad about the investigators, but when I thought about the savior, and how sad he is... it is not even close. The lord has given us this invitation, to come unto him. HE suffered for us, and still millions and billions of people reject him. Because if we aren’t of his fold, we are against him. What a blessing to be in his fold.
5. The lord has room for more people in his foundation. We have an investigator, who randomly is the best friend of one of our converts! she told us this yesterday. Everyone has a friend, who can hear the gospel and change their life. Who is yours? Change their life. I can think of a lot of people that I really want to have the gospel... but I was always afraid to talk about it. Don’t be afraid. just do it!
6. Any update on my Debit card??
7. Oh my goodness, shad in Hamilton!! Haha  that is awesome. Good luck ross and Micah en your missions! serve the lord with all your heart and he will change your heart.
8. I studied about commandments this week for part of my "training". I love them. They are so simple I don’t know if I already talked about this, but I am going to again if I have. I was thinking about how people don’t follow the commandments and how I couldn’t figure why. then I thought about mom and my senior pictures. Mom, you asked me for months, well.. a year.. to get my senior pictures, and I never did it. Why not, because it was effort. IT is the same excuse for everyone else and the commandments. With the pictures, mom would be happier, and would give me a lot of blessings. she could trust that I would do as she asked. I failed. The lord promises us blessings, and well, the lord has the ability to give us anything we want. He will be happy, and trust us... if we will just keep the commandments. "keep the commandments.. in this there is safety and peace.." so true!
9. haha this week.. I learned the word in Guarani for hot.. jaku... and the next day I learned the word for cold.. ereuh.. haha so I guess the weather here is a lot like Idaho!
10. Good luck everyone with school! Be safe, be smart, be healthy, have fun, because soon.. it will be done!
11. I should be a poet!
12. I had a three amigos moment this week. There was a joke during a lesson, and everyone was laughing.. and I was just thinking.. what did they say?? but I wanted to fit in, so I just started laughing, and soon I was the only one laughing. it was really hilarious!! haha the three amigos is really popular with missionaries, and we all talk about it a lot!
13. I hate Taylor Swift. Everyone here asks me about her songs, and what the lyrics mean, and if I have ever seen here. let me just tell you, the lyrics are not as catchy in Spanish. haha it is even worse with Justin Bieber. Sorry Morgan!!
14. Aunt Libby! hay un equepo de futbol se llama Libertad... I always think of you with that!
15. boskie, congrats on football man! be strong, and hit someone really hard! I was never good at football. just remember to have fun!
I love you all, and pray for you all a lot! be safe!!
Given them heaven!

Elder Chelson

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