Monday, August 12, 2013

Hola Familia!

Wow, what a great week! I have seen so many amazing things, and learned so much, just in these 7 days!
1. We had another baptism! The mom of two of the converts from last week was baptized this Friday. She is so funny! She, like almost all the people here, has like three teeth. haha she is like my mom here in Paraguay! she feeds us all the time, and wants us to visit everyday! i love her! I was so happy at her baptism, because her and her daughters were happy! i know that the gospel is the way to happiness!
2. I had a little scare before the baptism... we lost the keys to the font. haha for hours and hours we searched, and in the end we ended up just breaking in! haha i took it as a lesson. I always want to be worthy to have the priesthood, so that i can always baptize. I don't want to "lose my keys".
3. One of our converts from last week decided to leave her family and go live with her boyfriend. Less than 10 days of cleanliness... ugh. we are trying with her, and today we will teach 2 Nephi 31. The gospel is a life, not a one time action. that is for sure. I think it will work! haha
4. I found a great scripture! Alma 23:7. IT is great for all the people who want to be closer to Christ, but cant. IT says that they left all of there weapons of rebellion. It is about the anti-nephi-lehis. If we want to be closer to god, we need to leave our weapons. These weapons are anything that is contrary to god. IT can be TV, computers, phones, sports, friends, etc. Anything that takes us from god is against god. I know that i have a lot to change, and a lot to leave behind. I work on it constantly. Everyday.. ugh it is hard. But repentance can be hard. Salvation is not easy.
5. with that i thought of a phrase of President openshaw from the CCM about learning Spanish.. "pray for help. He wont just let you speak right away, but he will make it easier." The lord can help us, if we let him. The atonement is for all who accept it. Wow, so beautiful!
6. Thanks to sarah thueson, who sent me a package for christmas in July! I got it is august, but I am still thankful for it! If one of you could tell her thanks, and that her testimony was desperately needed by me today, I would be thankful!
7. You know the videos of Florida, during a hurricane with tons of wind and rain... I experienced that on Friday. I was walking, and all of a sudden, I was almost thrown off my feet. I am not kidding when I say this. I was shocked! haha and a umbrella does nothing in this situation, because the wind is explosive! Heleman 5:12 has a different meaning to me know. Wow. How blessed we are to have a strong foundation. I love Christ.
8. This is the last day of my first transfer in Paraguay! I am so glad for the things i have learned during this time. I find it so hard to believe that it has been this much time! IT is crazy!
9. Porter, you sent me a Dear Elder... and it had some of the best words I have ever read. I needed to read it. It was about how the Gospel can bless anyone! I wrote about it in my journal, and tears were flowing. i don't know why, but i cry alot. haha the lord has blessed me immensely!
10. This week we studied about the gospel, prayer, and the holy ghost. i love them all. I have a challenge for all of you. One day, every time you feel the spirit, make note of it. And that night, give a prayer of gratitude. You will be amazed!
11. I was watching a part of the district.. it has a missionary say "im so tired." we just laughed. haha i am glad that we don't have a car, or a bike, and that it is always hot. These things are blessings. I am not of the world, i am working in the lords work.
12. I love you all, and if I forgot to write something, I am so sorry. The lord has given me so many blessings, I could never put to words all of them. Most of the time, during my testimony, i have to just say, i love it, or it is amazing. haha it is difficult to describe, and that is why we all need to feel. Don't ever go to the point where you are past feeling. Ever!!!!
Love you all, Given um Heaven, all that jazz... Elder Chelson
p.s. I have the best family ever!

p.p.p.s. I have an elder in my zone from Chico California! HE knows the cousins! Elder Bowles!!!

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