Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love the Lord!!!

Holy cow another week! I am glad I can share some of my experiences with you all, and if you have any questions, I will answer them... sometime!
1. This week was rather fast. I only worked 5 of the 7 days! Mondays we never work, or only work for 3 hours in the night. Wednesday.. wow. I don’t know what happened, but I think I ate a bad empanada! I was down for... 24 hours. I threw up 5 times, had problems with the bathroom, and couldn’t really stand up.. I was practically dead. I don’t know how, but I am 100% again! haha to spare the details of it all.. I lost 10 kg.. that is like 22 pounds, of weight that day! haha I think I put it back on yesterday.. so no need to fear!! I am all well now, but then. no,
2. WE have been struggling to find new investigators! I had a little bit of a hope that I would get a new companion this transfer, because my comp has been her for 6 months, and knows everyone! it is hard to contact when everyone knows you, and your message! haha but I didn’t get a new one, thank goodness!, Hahira and we are still struggling to find new people! it is crazy to me that people don’t want to accept our message! it is so beautiful! families are forever, and they don’t want that? haha but.. then I remember that they don’t know the joy of the gospel, they don’t know that all things are possible with Christ.. they don’t know. and for that, I need to tell them!
3. I have been struggling with the lack of new investigators. Really bad. a little angry. how can I teach if I don’t have people? then, yesterday, I read in chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel. I feel a little bit humbled, to say the least. It practically said that it is a matter of faith. I need more faith. Hate lord is in this work. Hate lord knows his sheep, and can help me to find them! WE prayed in our comp study to find people, and yesterday we found a really great lady, who I think will progress!
4. one of the hardest things about this mission is that everyone listens to our message, but hardly any accept it. I end every day in hopes that we found so many great investigators, and then they... just don’t accept it. I pray every day for help, and I know you all pray for me too!
5. I spoke in church yesterday!!! In Spanish! it was so bad!!!! no.. it was actually pretty good! I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t really struggle with the words. I think it was the spirit! I can’t speak Spanish, the Holy Ghost can. I have learned that lesson during my mission! For sure, the holy ghost speaks to people!
 I really don’t have much to write about this week... with my sickness, and with no investigators, so I think I will write my testimony of the book of Mormon!
THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. I know this without a doubt. It is a gift from god. the words are true, and can help us! I love the words of the prophets, all of which testify of Christ. It is through this book that I learned that he is my savior. I would not be here in Paraguay without it. I love Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Ammon, Alma, Amulek, Aaron, Moroni, King Benjamin, Kind Mosiah, all of these great men. they are my heroes and my friends. I invite you all, tonight, to read a little bit of the book, and after to pray, and strengthen your testimony of the truthfulness of the book! It will surprise you how your will feel! I know, with all of my heart and soul, that it is true!

sorry this letter was so lame.. I am terrible! I will try to be better next week! Oh.. and pictures! I think I can send some of them...
 I love you all! Given them heaven!
Elder Chelson

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