Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lord´s Work!

Hello everyone! I am alive and well, and i love you all!
1. I have a little bit of a story to share. This last week, we had a great week of lessons, so many people were accepting us, and the new investigators from the week before were progressing! I was thinking in my head a little, yeah... we are doing good... then Saturday came... We had 11 people preparing for baptism for the 14th of this month, and on Saturday, we had 2 say... never mind.. then on sun day, the other 9 all said the same. We went from having so many people, more than everyone else in our district, to having none. Literally nothing. I was really quite sad, and really was in need of a lift. Usually food does it for me, but i was fasting so that wasn't an option. The zone leaders were an answer to my need. They came in our room during our study, and with alot of excitement told us to read the first chapter of Preach my Gospel! What a great chapter! IT talks about all things mission, and one part that really stuck out to me was the power and authority of our calls!
2. I was reading today in Heleman 5;18, and this verse talks about power and authority! It was so great to connect the two! I love the example of the missionaries of the book of Mormon! i want to be more like them! This verse is incredible! The power and authority of m y mission call is so great! President Eyring reminds us that "our hands are the lords hands, and our voice is the lords voice." This really shows the need for us to go out and serve, and teach, and bare testimony!Ç
3. Speaking of testimonies... yesterday in fast and testimony meeting i bore my testimony about prayer without any errors in my Spanish! Prayer is great, and you all know that, but i had an interesting thought. Our Church was founded and restored because of a prayer of a young man. Also, our testimony of the book of Mormon is found through prayer! Prayer is so great! we have a father in heaven who is....GRAND!!! AND POWERFUL!!! yet he still finds each and everyone of us important enough to listen to every word of our prayers! I love that, and i am really grateful for it! What love he has for each and everyone of us!
4. IT was really hot here this week. I am pretty sure i have never felt this kind of heat before in my life! IT is crazy! And today, the streets are literally flooding! haha it is raining pretty hard here, and well, it is really fun! With the heat, the streets of the city were really full of people the last two nights, and all of them were drinking and smoking, with loud music and dancing, really crazy! I was reminded that i am not of the world. the world is really crazy, i am glad for this chance to serve outside of the world. It is interesting though, that with the rain, everyone has changed there attitude. It is more tranquilo y calm now. The lord can do that, in our lives, with something with water... (baptism) haha just a missionary thought!
5. How is school going for everyone? I want to know this!
6. oh emmy.. be careful! I will pray for you lots this week, but be careful! You are busy right now, but i can promise you that if you will pray and read your scriptures everyday, the lord will give you time! always have the lord first!
7. SO... BYU... :( next time!
8. AN interesting fact about Paraguay that is connected to the Three amigos. In Paraguay the word guapo means worker. SO, everyday i am called "guapo!" Haha it is really funny, and i laugh every time!
9. My companion said one of the funniest things htis last week! We were walking down the street and this little boy yelled "hola mormones!" like everyone does here in the streets, and Elder Arredondo just turned to him and said "que tal.. catholico.." and the kid was shocked! it was really funny. But a lesson with this.. we don't need to categorize others by religion. We have a lot of people say that they would love to listen, but thru are catholic, or evangelico, or testigos de jevoha.. who cares! they are children of god! i love telling them that we can share with everyone, because we know it will bless everyone!
10. I love you all, and want you to know that i know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! I love him, so much. Mom, you wrote me a letter and put it in my scriptures the day before i left. in this letter you told me teach people about the love of Christ for them. How beautiful that is. I am doing just that! I love you all!

¡les doy cielo! ELder Chelson

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