Monday, September 23, 2013

I am Free!!! (from my training!)

I am officially done being trained! hahaha i am so happyª with training, there is an extra hour of studies, and it has been a really hard hour for me these last few weeks! hjaha i just want to serve! i realize studies are important, but two hours is a little bit long! i guess that was just bad attitude!! Anyways...
1. i had 3 baptisms this week!! hurray!! Marta and Cecy montiel, and a man named ONofre! they are literally goldenª! they were prepared for us before we talked to theme! they are proof that the lord works on our hearts all the time!! so great!! I felt the spirit so strongly on Saturday during the service, and i am really happy for them!
2. Marta fed us lunch yesterday, and before we started eating, she gave a little speech.. it was a little awkward to start with, but so very spiritual! she thanked us for giving her the gospel, and giving her and her daughter hope and joy. with tears, she finished. i am so glad i can wear the name of the savior over my heart, and i can talk with people about he thing that gives us the most joy possible!! I Love the lord!!
3. Our sacrament meeting was really awesome on Sunday! we had the three confirmations, and we had two elders speak! the  first was elder call! he is the zone leader, and this is his last transfer, he goes home Wednesday. he is from Idaho Falls, so you should try to find him! he spoke about the simple things in the gospel, prayer, scriptures, church., so powerful! i was so grateful for him!! the other was my companion. he has been here from 5 cambios, or 7 and a half months, and the people love him. he is going to be transferred, we think, which means i will have more time in this area! i like that idea! i love the area and the people here! HE talked about the love of god for us. he said "god is always with us, no matter what we do, he is with us." i believe that god wants to be with us, and based on our decisions, he can be with us forever! that is why we have baptism, to take the name of Christ upon ourselves! i love that!
4. I finished the book of Mormon in Spanish this last week!! so awesome!! i can not explain how happy i am with that!! I said a prayer afterwards, following the words of Moroni, and i received an answer! the book of Mormon is true in English, and it is true in Spanish. i know that without  a doubt!! i Love the book of Mormon! i love the teachings of the prophets in the book! they all talk of the truth! i can turn to the book of Mormon everyday, and learn something that i needed to learn. i invite you all to read the book of Mormon, everyday, and if you already are doing so, keep it up! the lord will bless you for it!!
5. how are the sports going?? boskies football, em and her soccer, and nat and her cross country, is she doing cross country, wow i am disconnected! haha
6. we had interviews with president agazzani this week, and it was awesome! he has very little questions, but his go to question is " are there any commandments, rules, or laws that you are struggling with?" that pretty much covers it all. haha he is really funny, and he gave me great advice about my work! he gave me a way to use my questions to build confidence in me and the gospel! i have applied it, and it is looking good! i know that he is called of god, to help us here as missionaries!
7. Saturday night was one of the scariest nights of my life. at about 10:34, yes i should have been sleeping, but there was a storm, that literally shook the building, the power went out instantly, and we looked out the window, and saw lightning almost every second! cars were swerving in the wind, and the rain was parallel with the ground! then, it started hailing! signs for businesses were torn apart! it was crazy! the wind was so bad that three members of the branch had there roofs blown off! and a lot of roofs were torn apart with the hail! i prayed so hard for our safety. then my comp said something interesting " i am worried for all of the people who don't have strong houses, i think i will pray for them." i felt like a jerk! i really applied heleman 5:12 with this storm! God has so much power, and can help us in these storms. but Satan has power too, and he will try to destroy us! i am glad i have this chance to serve here, and to help peoplebuild there lives upon Christ!!
8. I had a really bad cold this last week, and am still struggling with the after shocks, can you pray for my health?
9. I love the lord so much! i am blessed beyond belief to be here in Paraguay!! he watches over me and protects me, and i know he protects all of you! there is so much safety in the gospel, and i hope you all are staying in the gospel! there is no other option. only one truth. 4-2=2, not 3, and the gospel is the same. wickedness never was happiness, and never will be.
10. Filipians 4:13 is an awesome verse! it says, in spanish "todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece." I love it so much! and i am going to apply it!
I love you all, be strong, safe, and healthy! Keep praying for me, and for yourselves! the lord invites us to do so! read everyday in the scriptures, and always watch  your thoughts! I love you all!

Given them heaven, Elder Chelson

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