Monday, November 4, 2013

In Our Peaceful River Valley.... There is the Temple On the Hill

Hahahahahahahaha remember this song???? Haha I don’t know why, but it is in my head today!! Oh, hello everyone! I am glad for this chance I have to write you once again!! Another hard week in the work, and it is really hot right now, but it will be harder, and it could be hotter, so I am doing well! I love you all!!
1. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ONOFRE CUBILLAS!!!!!! You all remember Notre right? He is amazing!! He is my convert who drank his whole life!!! This week, we talked with him tons!! His wife just had heart surgery, and she returned home this week, he asked us to come over to teach her the gospel!! Haha he is a missionary!! He is talking with all of his neighbors and friends about the church!! Haha this week, he also wanted to visit members in their houses after we had a lesson on home teaching. This program, home teaching, is practically dead in our branch, and in Paraguay. He said "I want to visit people, but I don’t know where they live." haha we took him with us, and we had a really great visit with a new family in the branch!! Also, he asked us this week to help him with his testimony, because he wanted to bear his testimony in the church. We did so, and wrote down what he said. Yesterday, he stood up to speak, and everyone was instantly silent. He went up to the pulpit, and started, and spoke with power!! He bore testimony about how he has repented and has joined the great church of god. He gave thanks for me and my two companions, and his wife, and his family. No one talked for a good two minutes after him. The spirit was strong!! AND.... he received the priesthood yesterday!! I stood in the circle, and the president of the branch gave him the priesthood. In the blessing after, he talked about how he would influence many, his family, friends, members, by sharing the gospel. President talked about being sealed in the temple with his wife (who is taking the lessons). It was amazing!!! So... that is him.
2. He was the highlight of our week. We had an investigator practically run away from us. She doesn’t want to talk to us, and is hiding in a different city. That is just great! Tis week was a little bit hard! One day was so hot; I got a bloody nose out of the blue! My comp was sick and stuck in his bed all day Saturday; all of these things together were hard. But I know the lord is blessing me. I am strengthening my testimony every day, and I am learning so much about me, our church, and our lord! This is the greatest opportunity of my life!!
3. We had a zone training this week, and it was great! We read something called the fourth missionary to prepare for i.e., and you should all read it! It is a little big, be we can apply it to our lives. It is about giving our all in the work of the lord, and not just doing what is required of us! I can really improve that! Anyways, we received a new booklet for missionaries, about adapting the mission life!! It is awesome! It talks about everything from finding the motivation to do exercise in the morning, to controlling sexual thoughts, to feeling more confident, to learning to repent! It is amazing!! It has a phrase that I find great!! It says "God has a perfect plan for his imperfect children; your responsibility to share this plan with all of his children!" so great! I loved it!!
4. Halloween here was normal, something a little bit strange!! Someone told me this week to say hi to Obama, and another started singing Yankee doodle... haha something I laughed at!!
5. SO I have just finished my third transfer here in Coronel Oviedo, and I have been thinking that I am going to leave, but yesterday, president called, and my companion, elder Godoy, is going to be zone leader. This means that there is a white wash, or I have more time here. I had just finished saying "I don’t think there are more people here for me to find..." when he called. That was a lesson for me! I am glad to be in the lord’s work, and I am going to work my hardest if it is here in coronel Oviedo, Caaguazú, or Asuncion!! (Three places that you all have no idea about!!)
6. Last Monday, after writing you all, I went to buy food. I saw a New Zealand all blacks shirt... and two minutes later, an Alabama shirt, and then TCU!! Haha I almost bought them all, but I didn’t!! (Shows how much love I have for you all (;) I thought it was funnyª
7. I am so glad I have this chance to serve! The lord is working on my heart lots! I am applying diligence this week in my work, and in the next week... I am thinking about obedience!!
8. I received a letter this last week with a testimony of a friend!! So great to receive it!! If you are reading my blog, thanks!! (Here is your shootout!)
9. I love you all, and will work my hardest this week, and will be safe, and will preach with love, and will do all I can to help the lord!!

Giv`n um heaven!!

Elder Chelson... chepora

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