Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Christofferson shaking my hand to singing in a choir... a week really interesting!

Hey there family!! I love you all, and I have tons to say today!!
1. This last Tuesday we had the chance to listen to Elder Christofferson, and to shake his hand! It was a really awesome meeting, and we learned tons! He talked about the difference in mercy and justice, and about how we need to use the book of Mormon! A quick story for you... we were asking questions, and someone asked him "how can I help my investigators to know that god loves them?" (A sister of course). Haha my first thought was the story of the father of king limoni!! Haha and after about 5 minutes of answers from missionaries, elder Christofferson asked... "But how can we use the book of Mormonto answer this?" haha I raised my hand in middle of his question, with the page already opened! Haha I answered the question of an apostle!! Haha yes!!
2. This is actually the same idea, but 1 was getting big. We also listened to elder Gonzalez of the 70 and the wives of these men! Sister Gonzalez said something really powerful, that I loved! She said "you are serving in the lands of Nephi and Enos, and of Ammon and alma. They walked this land." haha we were all like... "Whaaaa"...haha and then, even better, she said “you are part of the fulfillingof gods covenant with these prophets!" I felt like I have a purpose in my work, even more than before!
3. Elder Gonzalez said that we need to use the book of Mormon...always... he had a really powerful statement. "The book of Mormon is the key of my conversion." to make that even more powerful, elder
Christofferson said the same thing, but with an invitation... "Take this key our conversions, including your conversion, and teach the people of Paraguay!" haha I loved it!!
4. So this week, I had divisions with the assistants to the president! I worked with elder brown, who looks just like woody, and is practically perfect! He had a really bad allergy attack, so it was a little difficult, but we still worked! We put 7 people with a date for there baptisms! He taught me something really valuable! He said that if we aren’t inviting them to do things, we aren’t inviting them to repent. Why not invite them to be baptized when you tell them your name! Haha we are applying that now and it is really... rough... haha
sometime people are really mad at us, but we just try to teach with love!
5. I had a great experience with one of these contacts that turned into a lesson! I promised a lady that she could have more happiness in her life, and her reply was, "how do you know I am not happy?" good question. Let’s read in the book of Mormon. 3 Nephi 27:20 says that it is a commandment to repent and be baptized. Then we read Mosiah 2:41 about how those who keep the commandments are happier. I told her that if our church is true, as I know it is, she isn’t keeping this commandment, and therefore she isn’t happy. She accepted it, and told me she would read. In her prayer she asked god to help us return to her house to teach her more. This sound like a really harsh story, but it was done with lots of love, and with the
best intentions. She is going to advance in the gospel, I just know it!
6. We had district conference, like stake conference, this week end! (I was in the choir) we had tons of talks about families, something that I can’t apply right now, but there was one of the talks on families that I want to share with you! It was about traditions of the fathers, like the book of Mormon! The question was, "what are your traditions, and are they eternal?" I really liked it! They talked about scripture study, prayer, and fame, and the assistance in the church! I think our family is really good at that, and I am grateful for our parents and their traditions!!
7. My companion right now is writing a letter for the ex-girlfriend of his companion from the mtc!! What a boss!! Haha but I am keeping an eye on him ;) elder fox is quickly becoming one of my best friends!
Haha he knows three amigos!! Haha we are doing well together, and will continue to grow until one of us is transferred!! Haha he is great!!
8. Here are so many blessings in this life, and especially in the mission life! I know that god is my heavenly father, and that his son,  our savior, has lots of love for me! He wants us to be better people,
and that is something that I am working on! I was thinking this last week in one of my prayers that we are asking people to change their lives, but are we changing ours? I am going to work even harder to become a saw these two beings, and that through him, the church was restored! I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, translated with the power of god by Joseph smith. I know that it teaches us truth, and
that thanks to this book, I can become closer to god! I am changing my life, and doing well! I love you all, and please am safe!!
9. Em and boskie, good luck with your games!! BYU and porter, good luck with your games, everyone good luck with your studies, and most important... I love you!

Read the scriptures, always pray, and you will/can change.
Elder Chelson, Giv`n um heaven!

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