Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week Two!

Hola Family! ¿Como están? ¡Ah, Bien!
Haha obviously I am doing well on my espanol! I have been looking forward to this letter for a week now, because I always want to tell you stories! So here it goes!
1. I have made this place my home. The bathrooms are public bathrooms, but I have some how claimed my territory! haha I only use one of the six toilets, and one of the 12 showers. ALways the same ones. For some reason, this has really become fun for me! Traditions!
2. All the people who were here before me left this last tuesday, so monday night I had a good experience! All of the elders got together at 10:15, and sang called to serve in espanol, and then had a prayer as a group. I have never sang with so much intent in my life! I was grateful for the chance I had to meet these elders before they left! They were great for me! We have new elders today, and I have made a goal to be a good example for them!
3. Yesterday, I had a great spiritual experience, Mom, this is the one I was talking about. We were practicing explaining the plan of salvation in 1 minute, and it was my turn to try. i felt prepared, but when I went up, I forgot everything. It caused me alot of frustration, and for almost an hour I couldnt focus, or feel the spirit. I was so mad at myself! I asked my comp if we could go to our room so I could pray, he said yes, so next thing I know I was praying! I prayed for comfort, and for assistance. I will never forget the immediate relief I felt. I know that prayers are answered, and that God loves me!
4. Once again, all of the elders love my sisters. One of them, Elder Hobbs, wants emily to write him. So Em, let me know what you think! ;)
5. We get to go to the temple every week, and I was thinking about how special that is. I couldnt help but think about our family while I was there. I am glad we are a celestial family, and that mom and dad raised us in the covenant! I challenge you all to go as much as possible!
6. We were in a class the other day, where we talked about revelation from the Book of Mormon. We ended up talking about the difference between Laman and Lemual, and Nephi. If you think about it, all of them went back for the plates, all of them were raised to follow the law of moses, they were all "righteous". The difference, was the intent and attitude. Nephi was diligent, and desired to know the lord. This was a blessing for him, as he was given the Promised Land! Our teacher taught us that our mission can be a promise land if we will be diligent!
7. We watched a devotional by ELder Bednar on sunday. It was given at the MTC on June 9, 2009, if you can find it, you should read it! He talked about how we can tell the difference between the spirit and our own thoughts. Elder Bednar said to "forget about it, and go work!" He said that if we are good boys and girls, we keep the commandments, and we honor our covenants, the spirit will ALWAYS guide us! I love it!
8. Everyone is sick here, including my companion. I am afraid that I will get sick as well, so if you could pray for my salud, health, I would be grateful!
9. Fun side note! Our cook here is crazy awesome! He was actually the cook for the current pope! He was the popes favorite cook, but then he was chosen as the pope and had to move, so the church swiped him!
10. I love you all! Be safe and have fun! Days here are so long, but the weeks are short! I am 33% done in the CCM, and I don't feel to prepared!

darindo ustedes cielo!
Elder Nathan Chelson

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