Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Week!

 I am so glad I get to write you all! I miss you, and think about you a healthy amount. Good news! I got another List!
1. I got my first haircut this week... Lets just say it doesnt look to great! I am hideous! haha i look like Norris Cole from the Heat!
2. Prosilitismo! This week I got to go out on the streets of Buenus Aires to teach the people about the gospel! I had some awesome exeriences as I taught! FIrst, a lady who owned a bakery was watching us as we were eating lunch, so we walked over and talked to her. She had been looking for more in life, and was so glad to see us! We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and ended up asking her to prepare for baptism. We turned her over to the real missionaries of the area! Next, we ran into a lady who was almost baptized 27 years ago, who has a testimony, but never committed! She was so kind, and we talked for a very long time. Later, I was feeling down, and we were taking a break to finish our lunch. I had a strange boost of energy, and was confident that I was going to give out a Book of Mormon soon! Sure enough, we saw a lady on her porch, and decided to go over. She was catholic, but openly accepted the book.SHe was so happy when she recieved it! She said she would read it, and that we could come back! We will return on Saturday! I am so anxious to have the opperunity again in Paraguay! They better be ready for me!
3. Sunday was one of the best days of my life! We had the best lessons! Sacrament was about obedience, and we learned that the lord wont ask us to do the big things, if we arent doing the little ones! We learned about healing, and how sacred an experience it is. We need to always be worthy to give a blessing. In sunday school, we talked about how a mission "can be" the best two years of you life. Our teacher is a former WR for BYU! haha he said that we only have to do two things to have the best mission ever. First, submit to the lord, and second, work our bums off! haha I really like that! We talked about Mary, and how she was a great example for Christ. SHe was pure from the beginnning, and in Luke 1:38 she shows here devotion to God! She raised the savior, and did a pretty good job of it! We watched the Joesph Smith movie, and my testimony of the restoration was strengthened. I am glad he was willing to go into the woods and pray, becasue it has made my life the best it could possibly be!
4. The other day, we had an elder run into a pole full sprint while playing football. He passed out on the spot, and couldnt remember anything when he woke up. He is alright now, and that is why I am bringing this up! We thought about two really awesome lessons learned because of it. First, we are protected. There is no way he should be alright. He should have been out for hours, and suffered alot of problems with his health. But he wasnt, because he had the Lords name on his CHest. Second, any of the 50 or more elders there could have given him a blessing. We will never find a place like that again. We were all ready to bless him, adn to comfort him. THat is amazing to think about.
5. My teacher has had some of the best sayings this week, I want to share with you... "Our church is supported by little boys, uneducated , and unprepared, but we are still running. That is a miracle." "If you want to kill an anaconda (they are all over in paraguay), use your machete on its tail, so it cant spring on you." "Run away from the purple spiders. They are human eaters, and will put you in the hospital for months" "IF you see a brown butterfly, run. they will pee on you, but it isnt pee, it is thousands of eggs, that will get in your skin, and grow to be more butterflies. IF it is on your head, you go back to the states, because they will eat your brain" Lets just say... I need the lords protection.
6. Devotional! We had a member of the Seventy come and speak to us yesterday about repentance. He talked about how the lord forgives us of our sins, and remembers them no more. He asked if we believed that. We all said yes, and then he asked why we always think about our errors. He said that "satan will work to keep you in past. He hates the atonement, and all of its effects. You need to have faith, which is in the future. Once it is in the past, it is knowledge, not faith." I am grateful that i have been forgiven, and that I am clean. The lord is merciful, and loves all. He lets us be clean.
7. It is really hot here, and it is in the middle of "winter."

I am grateful to be on this mission. I know that the Lord loves me, and wants the best for me. I am looking forward to the chance to share this message of love with the poeple in paraguay. They are children of god. They are loved as well. I am going to work my hardest, so when I get on the plane to come home, I can feel like Ammon in Alma 26. I know I can do it. THe Lord is with me.
ONe last thought from the Devotional. "It doesnt matter if you speak the language good or bad, only if you can speak with power." This power comes through testimony. I know that if I work, the lord will work through me! I love you all! Keep writing! It keeps me from going insane!

Love Nathan!
p.s. Mom, will you write you conversion story? I want to have it in case I need to use it with an investigator! 

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