Thursday, June 27, 2013

Don´t cry for me Argentina!

This is my last letter in the MTC! ahh!!! I have a lot to write, so I will try to get it all out!
1. I got dear elders this week from Boon, Morgan, Maryann, Porter, and Libby! Thank you for sending them, I loved it!
2. I realized I havent talked about a normal day here... so Here it goes. Wake up at 6 to do 100 pushups, go eat breakfast at 7 (usually two bowls of trix and lots of milk and juice), have personal study at 8, grammer study for two hours, comp study and I.P. (teaching fake investigators), lunch at 12:15 (big meal, because that is the custom here), grammer for an hour at 1:15, language study (personal) at 2:15, physical activity from 3:15 to 5, grammer again from 7 to 6:45, dinner (really small :/), TALl (a BYU language learning program) at 7:30, class for 30 minutes (sit around and talk about our teachers life), planning for another 30 minutes, and then go to our rooms to hang out, write in our journals, and at 10:30 sleep. It is so much fun, and every minute is well spent!
3.I was reading about the holy ghost last week, on thursdsy, and figured I was doing pretty good with it. THe next day, was the worst day of my mission. I didnt feel the spirit at all, it was grumpy, and mad, and it was just no bueno. I prayed friday night that i would feel the spirit the next day, and it worked! I really did not explain that very well, but It was good for me to feel the difference in the two. I want to have the Holy Ghost with me always!
4. How was Nat´s birthday?
5. We had a devotional by Elder Viñas of the seventy, about bringing others to a knowledge of the truth.  We talked about how in the book of mormon, the missionaries always tried to bring others to this knowledge. After lots of scripture study, we learned that the truth is Christ, so they wanted to bring others to a knowledge of Christ. I am doing that as a missionary today. I want others to know Christ as I know him. Loveing, forgiveing, kind, etc. I know I can do this if I will be diligent.
6. One of my fears is that I will mess up while speaking spanish, and ruin the chance for others to come to Christ. Becasue of this, I have been hesitant to speak. I was reading in Docrine and Covenants 100:5-8, and found a not I wrote myself before  my mission. It said "get over yourself, open speak the gospel, dont be afraid." i dont remember writing it, but it was there. It was crazy awesome, and something I will always remember. I am going to open my mouth everyday, and I know the lord will fill it will words!
7. How about the Broadcast this last week? crazy awesome I think! I loved it all, and for the sake of time, am only going to share my favorite quote. "God knows his children, and listens to their prayers. He knows who is seeking him, and will lead us there." So beautiful and true! He will lead me to people who are in need of Christ, and I will be an instrument in his hands as I teach about the Gospel!
8.Today is the 169 anniversery of the martydom of Joesph and Hyrum Smith... I invite you all to read Section 135, and ponder what blessings you have because of him. I know that becasue he prayed, I have been blessed! I love the work that he was a part of. He is a role model for me, and I hope I can be similar to him in my life!
9. I have a quote from Elder Ballard, i believe, that has been hitting me hard this week. "Work and be diligent, so when you kneel at night, you can tell the father you have done all you could do." I am going to work my hardest, and hopefully the Lord will accept my work, and will bless my investigators for it!
10. I lvoe you all, keep me in your prayers, and please please please share the gospel with your friends. THey deserve to know Christ too, dont be selfish!

Giv´n um heaven! Elder Chelson

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